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AI in SEO is going to be a game changer.

The digital environment is facing evolutionary developments, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one such innovative step.

It has had a significant impact on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and content marketing.

As SEO has undergone several changes over the past few years, digital experts have to deal with complex engagement processes to meet SEO requirements.

AI has proved to be of great help to SEO so far.

As further innovations take place in 2020 and beyond, AI can be beneficial for SEO. 

Following are various ways how AI can help SEO in 2020 and beyond to make your business reach new heights of success:

1. AI allows better content optimization 

With AI, you can make your content optimized.

If it is old content, you can update it to a better one.

If you are going to create new content, AI ensures your content ranks higher.

Several SEO practices regard your content as useless and of lower quality. By implementing different AI search signals, you can prevent such poor SEO practices.

These mainly include keyword stuffing, low-quality content, unnatural link building, link stuffing, and over-optimized text. AI helps make your content natural and high ranking.

It ensures there is just the right amount of keywords and the links are relevant. 

As Google has enhanced its algorithms, it can detect if you are using irrelevant links and has the authority to penalize your ranking.

AI saves you from such double-check challenges Google poses. 

2. AI makes your website play with the real-time data 

When every function on your website is operating in real-time, it adds to the speed, credibility, and effectiveness of your website.

While customers enjoy real-time updates, price changes, and order tracking, you can put AI to use.

An excellent example of this is Uber’s ride cost that changes at different times of the day, corresponding to various factors such as distance, geographic location, traffic hours, etc.

In years to come, we see marketers and businesses using AI to update real-time prices.

This will allow them to enjoy more profits and adhere to SEO requirements better than competitors.

Another significant advancement of AI comes in the form of chatbots that adds to customer experience and user experience.

Chatbots act as assistants on the website and answer your queries just as an assistant at the store would do.

The difference is that your questions are addressed right away and in a most valuable manner.

Many marketers such as Alibaba have already implemented such effective AI systems and so, is ranking at the top in search engines.

3. AI helps with quicker and better voice search 

If your website allows visitors to engage with you through voice rather than text, you can do so through AI applications.

With AI, you need not ask complete questions over voice search.

By merely speaking keywords, you end up with all the related content, products, and services.

After search engines such as Google and Safari, a lot of websites are incorporating voice search feature to offer excellent user experience.

As the digital world becomes conversational, you can produce your website content in the same tone?smarter the customer service, better the SEO ranking.

4. AI adds to the power of visual content

Recently, SEO is all about visual content, such as images and videos. SEO marketers are now focusing more on visual content than ever before.

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, the power of visual content is getting 10x better. And this is just the beginning!

AI helps with the optimization of visual content and makes sure that users engage with it.

In a recent study, 78% of people reported that they watch video content every week for their essential needs, while 55% of them watch it daily.

68% of people prefer referring to visual content in order to learn about a new product or service or get an answer to their queries.

54% of people across the world want content creators to work more on video content.

As visual content is taking over SEO, AI can make it a whole lot better.

By adding relevant keywords, liners, titles, and through proper indexation, your content reaches more people and gathers more engagements ? all of which benefit your SEO.

5. AI offers better data analysis 

As SEO compels marketers to get into insights and analyze the data, AI has taken data analysis to a new level.

As it is easier and simpler to use now, it can analyze dozens of data in a single go and help you come up with a logical conclusion.

In seconds, you get to know where the problem lies.

This way, you can make the required improvements and get more traffics leads, conversions, and profits.

SEO requires websites to include specific improvements and updates from time to time.

Without that, the content gets old and useless.

Earlier, you adopt AI, better you get at SEO.

6. AI builds smart personalization strategy 

Today, customers like personalized messages and attention.

When you are putting enough effort into making your content personalized, it attracts users.

Like your content, an email, or a word that targets the individual needs of a visitor, the chances of conversions increase.

Personalization has primarily enhanced customer service and is crucial for SEO.

With AI, you can record the customer data and use it for marketing, personalized campaigns, and SEO strategies whenever needed.

By implementing AI, marketing becomes cheaper, efficient, and result driving. Starbucks, using AI, is a model of the personalization strategy.

It appeals to the users in every possible way and offers a dynamic experience.  

Final Thoughts

A few years ago, Artificial Intelligence was just a sci-fi concept with no benefits for the populace.

As it has evolved, AI tools and applications are becoming the only solution for better SEO.

It is reflecting the needs of digital creators, content creators, and marketers.

With AI and SEO integrated, your business can perform efficiently and accurately. 

In 2020 and beyond, AI has to offer many positive impacts on SEO! 

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