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Many search engine optimization (SEO) beginners and young people looking to start their career in digital marketing might be wondering whether SEO career path is a good choice for their future or not? Of course, the Internet is flooding with new websites daily and all business owners need websites to enhance their brand presence. On the other hand, some critics say that SEO is not a good career in the future because it might be dead in a few years.

Is your SEO career choice is going to leave you woefully confused or are you optimistically positive about choosing SEO as your professional career? Let us give you here a few good reasons why you should choose SEO as a career in 2020 and beyond.

Search Engine Optimization has Grown Constantly Eversince

Some ten years ago, search engine optimization was a new thing; many people did not know much about the nature and benefit of SEO. But in the recent year, insane development of technology and the World Wide Web has made SEO incredibly popular and a necessity for all businesses to rank their websites higher on search results. Now more and more professionals are mastering the art of SEO and taking various online courses and marketing diplomas in the field of digital marketing. Digital marketing is not a grain of sand, it is indeed a wide ocean which not only includes search engine optimization, but also includes social media marketing, search engine marketing, and copywriting.

Reasons for choosing SEO a Lucrative Career

Here is a comprehensive list of top reasons why you should choose search engine optimization as a full-time career in 2020 and dive into the ocean of detail marketing.

Future Growth of SEO

Not yet convinced that SEO is a good choice for your future career? We can quote the interviews and opinions of many true SEO legends in the market to help you choose SEO career in the future. For example, Ross Hudgens, the CEO and founder of Seige Media has become a popular name in the content marketing world. Before becoming an expert copywriter and writing copy that sells, he quit many jobs and never made a decent income in his young years. Hudgens reveals that SEO is still the best career choice because it allows you to get employment in any country or demographic location. SEO professional possess a large skill set including content writing, good communication, and marketing skills. SEO is an attractive choice because of its potential curativeness.

In addition, Julie Joyce, who is the founder of Link Fish Media, a well-known link building and digital marketing company in the United States reveals that SEO is never boring like other subjects such as philosophy. There is always a new tool to explore or a trend to learn on the social media to accomplish something amazing each day. The field of SEO needs many intelligent people in the 21st century and this is why, many experts are making huge money and lucrative careers after learning SEO skills. Julie recommends if you keep up with the new knowledge and trends, SEO is not difficult to understand and master.  

So what is your Decision?

It is time to make a new interesting choice related to your career, if you are a college students intrigued by the technology or a banking professional looking to make your name in the digital marketing horizon; then the good news is that you can still let go of your boring jobs and career and leave the monotonous office job to have a brilliant career in the SEO world. The bright minds can never stop learning, and believe it that there is no recession for the learning minds in SEO field. In a few months of training and learning, you will not remain struggling and start earning money as a competent SEO professional.

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