Ginny Marvin Is Leaving Search Engine Land & SMX 😔

Ginny Marvin is leaving Third Door Media, you know the company behind Search Engine Land, SMX and more. She announced it a couple of days ago and the company is already looking for a replacement.

The good news for me is that I have a few months until she really leaves us (me) and the good news for one of you is that gives you the opportunity to be my boss at SMX and Search Engine Land.

Ginny is currently the Editor In Chief of Search Engine Land, Marketing Land and the other properties. She has been since October 2018 after first starting at the company as a paid media reported seven years ago in April 2013. Then she took over as an Associate Editor in 2017 and then as Editor In Chief.

Ginny posted on Twitter saying “I will be leaving Third Door Media — Search Engine Land, Marketing Land & MarTech Today — in December after our virtual SMX event. It’s been 7 incredible years with so many fantastic people. This is NOT goodbye yet, so I’ll hold the profusion of thanks to those who’ve made the ride so special. I’m truly grateful for and proud of this team.”

I’ll hold the profusion of thanks to those who’ve made the ride so special. I’m truly grateful for and proud of this team… 2/

— Ginny Marvin (@GinnyMarvin)

Yes, you can apply to be my boss over here. But I am beginning to think the reason Danny Sullivan left and Matt McGee left, then Michelle Robbins left and now Ginny is because of maybe my really bad humor. 🙂 Just kidding, again, that is my bad humor. I mean, if you work with me, I can say a lot of sarcastic comments, so some might enjoy it, while others may not.

I really liked everyone I’ve worked with at Third Door Media both on a professional level and personal level. Everyone has been excellent people to me and the people that work there. I’ve been with the company (not officially an employee but I feel like I am and part of the family) since 2006 – like for 14+ years.

Ginny I think plans to take some time off and relax a bit. I mean, she has literally not slept in like seven years. She is one of the hardest workers I know. She is super smart and a great manager and leader. If you know of something you think she might like, work-wise, reach out to her. She has a ton of experience in the paid search world and has some really deep knowledge of all things digital marketing.

Oh and if you missed it, check out that time I got to interview Ginny – it was super fun. I hope to do it again soon, when Ginny finds her next thing.

This is not a goodbye just yet but goodbye (my humor again).

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