Gert Mellak – Algorithms Be Damned – This SEO Method Will Always Work

Gert embraces SEO as a long term game and chats with us about a whole boatload of tactics to rank your sites using the best practices to make Google happy without sacrificing content. We also talk about what to do with older links that are not ranking any longer, how to structure your content using a content silo, Gert’s “ERICA” framework which is the basis of his SEO strategy, and how to look at the whole picture of your site and not just the quality content. 

After you’ve listened be sure to check out our previous chats with Karl Steinmeyer, an SEO Ninja who is helping us with our Homebrew Academy site, and Nikhil Aitharaju and Ryo Chiba who dive into SEO audits and backlinking strategies.

Whenever you are on the user’s side on a consistent basis, there’s not much you can do wrong. It can be harder or easier to rank in certain niches and for certain keywords, but if you really try to defend as much as possible the best user experience, you’re in the right place.” – Gert Mellak

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