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Free 5-day SEO Sleuth Challenge

You know SEO keywords are important for your website content, but you’re not confident in finding and picking the right ones to use.

Join my free 5-day SEO Sleuth Challenge and learn how to find the right SEO keywords to use in your content for more organic traffic!

Over the last 5 years I’ve worked on hundreds of keyword research projects with copywriters, content writers and marketers- I will show you the techniques I use when doing keyword research for my clients.

Join my free 5-day SEO Sleuth Challenge! Sign up via the form below.



Sign up via the form below

Hurry! Challenge doors must close Friday 2nd October, 11.59PM Melbourne time.

You already have a website with your sales pages and blog posts, but for some reason your ideal clients and customers can’t find you in Google.

You want more organic sales and leads. You want your website to work harder for you, but it just isn’t happening.

SEO is something you’ve been wanting to implement but outsourcing to an agency is outside of your budget.

You’re someone who likes to learn and do-it-yourself if only someone could show you the ropes.

Well, now you can! Learn how to do SEO yourself by joining my free 5-day SEO Sleuth Challenge that will have you finding and using the right SEO keywords on your website for more organic traffic and sales! The next challenge starts Monday, 5th October.

What others have said about my SEO challenge:

I took part in Natalie’s 10 Day SEO Sleuth Challenge and learned so much. I highly recommend it. What I love about Natalie is that she excels in making an otherwise technical subject really simple to understand. Her passion for the subject really shines through in her style and delivery. You just know that she just loves helping people with SEO. When it comes to SEO – choose a safe pair of hands – choose Natalie!
Eleanor Goold
Kreativ Copywriting
What a fantastic SEO Sleuth Challenge from Natalie! With days of learning to get through I would normally have dropped out halfway through – but there were so many amazing tips I kept going. Every session had a step-by-step guide that was easy to understand and easy to follow. I learnt so much in such a short space of time – which has already helped me to improve SEO on my own website and that of my copywriting clients. The value of this free course is incredible!
I want to say a big thank you Natalie. It has been a really great challenge. The videos and resources have been easy to follow, really practical, and I am already implementing a few of the techniques. Thank you for putting this together.
Lotti Kershaw
Digital Literacy & Life Skills Tutor
“I recently participated in Natalie’s 5-day SEO challenge which I thought was very helpful. As somebody who knows VERY little about SEO, I learned a lot. The information, once received was difficult to fathom, but after watching the tutorial videos where she patiently explains it all, it made perfect sense. There’s a long road ahead of me to make the best out of my website and to make sure it is SEO optimized, but one step at a time, right? Should you do this 5-day challenge? YES! Especially if you know little about SEO.
Stephanie Wium

Hurry! Challenge doors must close:

 Fri 2nd October 11.59pm Melbourne time.

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