Five Tips To Boost Your Website SEO With Video

The popularity of online video began with crazy viral videos and has spread well into advertising and marketing and makes up more than 82% of all internet traffic. It’s rapid growth in sales, marketing and advertising are attributed to consumers ability to remember it. Some 95% of viewers remember the message after viewing a video or commercial compared to 10% of text.

If they remember it so well, and it could impact the growth of your company, why not use it to your advantage to increase sales and revenue? Because often videos produced or made go unfound or undiscovered by viewers or your target audience. Here are five tips to help your videos be found, get your website seen and improve SEO.

1. Video Integration In Your Marketing Since consumer behavior shows a high propensity for watching video over other media, video is considered premium content by the search engines. Further, deep research shows videos power to help the human brain learn more quickly and understand a topic or subject matter. Using video across all your marketing channels helps educate prospects faster, more easily pulling through a buyers journey and helps you close sales sooner. Placing just any video on your website, in social or video streaming services won’t help you. It has to be relevant content that viewers and searches want. Current trends and data will continue to make video ever more popular. So consider ways to integrate video in every avenue of your marketing.

2. Use Keywords In The Title and Description. Internet users are looking for answers to their problems online. Their queries show up as keywords in internet algorithms and databases. Using those important keywords in the description and title of your video helps search engines properly find and rank your videos so viewers can find the information. You probably know the keywords or terms your prospects are searching for. Create your videos around those needs or terms and label them accordingly so they’re found.

3. Add A Video transcript. Since the search engines can’t read video, like they can text or copy, make sure to include, in the description, an audio transcript of your video. Getting transcriptions is fast, easy and often takes just a few hours to receive from many available inexpensive transcription services. You can find several reputable services online. Including the transcript in the description of your video will help search engines understand the content of your video and improve its placement and SEO rankings.

4. Host Your Video On The Second Largest Search Engine. Ask what the number one search engine is, or ask someone to look something up online, and the answer is usually Google or Google it. Google is the largest search engine in the world. It owns the #2 largest search engine, YouTube. Because users prefer video over any other form of media, Google ranks videos highest allowing YouTube videos to be highly searched and well ranked. So, place your videos on YouTube. Next, place links in the description directing them to more information about your products, services or company. Links might include a website, landing page, etc.

5. Strategically Place Videos On Your Website. Google considers page performance in its algorithm. The longer a user is on a website, the more relevant Google considers the page authority, of course combined with content. Placing videos strategically throughout your website helps engage visitors longer on your website, educates them more quickly about your products and services and increases SEO positioning. We strongly suggest using video hosting platforms for your website like Vimeo, Wistia, and Vidyard. Why not YouTube? While YouTube is great for hosting your videos externally, it has it’s own agenda. It wants to hijack users off your website by enticing viewers to continue watching other irrelevant content on it’s own channel that support its paid advertising model.

With mobile devices everywhere and an ever growing consumer demand for it, video will only continue to grow in popularity and accessibility. It’s better watched, like and shared by consumers and your prospects over any other content. That makes it a perfect component for a successful marketing strategy campaign.

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