First Look: G.I. Joe Minimates featuring Scarlett, Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow and Cobra Comander – The Fanboy SEO

Here’s our first look at the first batch of GI. Joe minimates box set featuring four of the most popular characters from the line namely Scarlett, Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow and Cobra Commander!

This is part of a new deal and a slew of Hasbro property that can now be converted and sold as minimates. We recently got our first look at the Transformers minimates which also looks badass if I can say so myself.

So again, this box set of four will feature:

There are already some online stores that have opened pre-orders for the G.I. Joe Minimates but there’s no official price yet for the figures. What we do know is that these will be part of the products that will be associated with this year’s Free Comic Book Day which will now happen August 14, 2021 rather than the traditional May date.

What do you think of these minimates? I for one would love to get a Snake Eyes minimates figure. Follow me on Twitter and Facebook for more geek news and updates!

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