Everything You Know About Sleep & Dreaming Is Wrong (Tips And Tricks To Sleep and Dream Better)

Sleep is something every single person can relate to, and here at the Infographics Show, we’ve explored almost every aspect of sleep, from lucid dreaming, to interpreting your nightmares. Sleep is something scientists have studied and experimented with, but is still something mysterious that all human being must do to recharge and live life to the fullest. Check out our compilation of amazing videos on some, skip around and see a funny challenge episode, or check out some of our more scientific videos and see if you agree with what we have to say about sleep and if any of these DIY life hacks sleep tips and tricks work on you!

00:00 Everything You Know About Sleep is Wrong
10:21 How to Lucid Dream in Your Sleep in 3 Minutes
20:45 I Slept 3 Hours A Day For A Week (7 Days) And This Is What Happened
29:52 What if You Stopped Sleeping?
34:10 How to Sleep in 60 Seconds
40:30 Why You are Sleeping in the Wrong Position
47:21 What Your Bad Dreams Say About You
56:49 How You Can Control Your Dreams
01:02:02 This is What Happens to Your Body While You’re Asleep

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All videos are based on publicly available information unless otherwise noted.

Everything You Know About Sleep & Dreaming Is Wrong (Tips And Tricks To Sleep and Dream Better)

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