Episode 194: Social Media Marketing For Your Practice With Cheyanne Flerx

Special guest Cheyanne Flerx joins us on the podcast today to talk about all things social media marketing for veterinary practices. This episode is filled with awesome actionable information you can use in your veterinary practice. We talk about social media marketing, creating marketing plans, and creating content plans for the marketing of your practice.

Cheyanne knowing at a young age she had a passion for animals got her start in veterinary medicine as a vet assistant in high school. she introduced to the world of social media marketing in the veterinary space by being given the task of updating the practices Facebook page. Ultimately finding her passion for social media marketing for vets she has now gone on to working with snout school, now manages multiple vet brands social media and her own brand Hashwag. 

Some of Cheyanne’s tips on how to better your social media marketing in your veterinary practice:

-Having a plan or goal for your marketing will help you narrow down what to focus on in your marketing and better sets you up for succeeding.

-Come up with a realistic plan on how you want to execute your goal and being intentional with how you execute your marketing plan.

-Figure out the top 3 things you are most likely to achieve and accomplish in a short time frame 

-Master Facebook marketing for your practice then add Instagram to your marketing. Both Facebook and Instagram are most used by pet owners.

-Come up with content that’s relevant to your audience

-Have an 80% to 20% ratio with your post. 80% of your content is fun and 20% is educational.

-Using specifically created planners for your marketing created by Cheyanne!

If you would like to get in contact with Cheyanne you can reach her on Facebook and Instagram as Hashwag, Reach her on email cheyanne@hashwagmarketing.com and find her amazing planners at

Be sure to listen and let me know if you have any questions, comments or need help with anything! 

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