EETech SEO Case Study

Technical SEO consulting with EETech is an effective way to increase traffic and keywords ranking on Google. EETech’s technical SEO team works closely with you to both optimize existing aspects of your website and develop innovative techniques for new campaigns. Because we’re an engineering company, we know the importance of tailoring your website to a technical audience. Our staff engineers work closely with SEO specialists to create the best results for your needs.

Case Study: Semiconductor Company

In early 2016, a semiconductor client reached out to EETech looking for SEO improvements for their site. Goals included obtaining higher rankings on Google search and attracting more organic traffic. To provide a comprehensive SEO strategy, EETech follows a process involving:

We began work on this client (which will remain anonymous) in June 2016 and began implementing fixes to the domain in July 2016.

On top of link building for certain keywords and improving the domain’s content, we also worked on the back-end of the site. These back-end improvements range from fixing redirect chains (which lower the equity and authority of a page) to fixing or internally linking 404 error pages. We also made improvements to canonical domain handling and Google Search Console parameters to allow Google to crawl and index more of the website. This resulted in significant traffic increase and substantial gains in keyword rankings.

52% Increase in Traffic

Traffic improvements from July 1, 2016, to April 1, 2017, show growth. Aside from the minor dip that we see around Christmas (which is typical for most industries) we’ve only seen improvements in traffic from our efforts.

41% Increase in Keyword Rankings

The average position of keywords for the domain as a whole from July 1, 2016, to April 1, 2017, can be seen below. It shows an average of 41% increase in rankings in that time frame.

100s of Keywords in Top Search Position

Our SEO efforts had a significant impact on the keyword rankings. Most notably, many keywords moved to the number 1 position and to the first page of Google search results. Below is the average keyword ranking position for some of the site’s top terms. Again, this data is from July 1, 2016, to April 1, 2017. 

Since the program’s beginning in 2016, better standings can be seen across the board. Looking at the keyword rankings above shows how EETech successfully assisted in improving the average keyword ranking across the domain and organic traffic. A mixture of on-page optimization, content improvement, and backend fixes worked together to create this success.

Let EETech perform a site analysis, pinpoint areas needing improvements, and create an SEO strategy for your company. Contact us today!

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