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Search engine optimization for eCommerce websites is very important. It is simple to know its importance. SEO brings more visitors and traffic can be converted into sales. But what to keep in mind while optimizing an eCommerce product page? What does an eCommerce SEO company do to optimize the product page? 

Before everything else, you must know about the product page A product page is the landing page for most of the shoppers. So it will be the perfect place for conversion.

You have to do the same thing that a good eCommerce SEO company does. We gathered all the useful information and included it in this post. 

10 Dos For Ecommerce Product Page

Ask yourself what an eCommerce SEO company does? Such companies apply various techniques and tricks. These tricks are all about search engine optimization. But they are not general tips like stuffing keywords and meta description. 

#1. Do Homework

Do some homework before you enter the examination hall. This homework is about keyword research. You should get the right keywords in your list.

Prioritize all the keywords according to the search volumes and click-through-rates (CTR). Consider cost-per-click (CPC), if you will go for paid promotional campaigns in the future. 

An Ecommerce SEO company pays most of the attention to keyword research. Because it is the core element always. 

#2. Planning

Research is of no use if you are not making a keyword strategy or plan. You should make a list of keywords to target. 

Other than focus keywords there are long-tail keywords and secondary keyword. Always try to target a variety of keywords through your product page. 

#3. Structured Format

Readability is also important for an eCommerce product page SEO. Keep in mind below mentioned two things.

  • Layout: Make a proper layout for the eCommerce product page. Place images, videos, and text perfectly.
  • Use Highlights: Use headings, sub-headings, bullets, and key pointers to highlight content.

#4. Optimize Titles

Titles and meta description optimization is important also. Always try to place your focus keyword in titles and meta description. Your main title must be less than 60 characters and the meta description should be 160 characters. (including white space).

#5. Engage the Audience

An Ecommerce SEO company tries various tactics to engage the audience. Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the product is one of the major tools. You can also add some FAQ’s to your product page to grab attention. 

#6. Authenticate

You must try to authenticate the information on your product page. You can try to add some testimonials and reviews, as usual, an eCommerce SEO company does. 

#7. Use Keywords In Images

It sounds strange, isn’t it? How to add keywords in images and videos? You can add keywords to image and video “alt tags”. Other than this the file that you are uploading will have a filename also. Also, try to use keywords in image and video file names.

#8. Make It load Faster

The product page of your eCommerce website should load faster. No visitor will wait more than 3 to 5 seconds. Try compressing the media files such as images and videos. Try to use fewer videos on your product page. 

#9. Transparent Information

Try to tell everything about the product. We know that this tip is not concerned with the on-page SEO. But it is important to be transparent for any eCommerce websites.

#10. Final Testing And Go!

Test the product page before you publish it. Try to take feedback on user experience. Now the product page is ready to be published.

10 Don’ts For Ecommerce Product Page

Now you know what you have to do as an eCommerce SEO company. But you must avoid mistakes. Doing mistakes while optimizing an ecommerce product page is not good at all.

#1. Don’t Overstuff

An Ecommerce SEO company can also make such mistakes. They overstuff the keywords more than the default density. The default density is 1-2% only. It is not good to overstuff your content with keywords.

#2. Don’t Use Copied Content

The content that you are using should be unique. If you are a reseller, then try to rewrite the product description. Never try to copy the content from the manufacturer’s website.

#3. Don’t Use Less Important Keywords

Some keywords are not so important. Maybe they have more CTR but what about volume? Low volume keywords are of no use. So never try to use the less important keywords with less search volume.

#4. Don’t Use Heavy Files

Don’t use heavy video and image files on your product page. An ecommerce SEO company with good experience will always remove such files. It will become an obstacle to make your website load smoothly.

#5. Don’t Rely On Bots

Try to use the organic way for on-page SEO of your eCommerce website. It is not good to rely on automated optimization. 

#6. Don’t Forget Backlinks

No eCommerce SEO company will ever forget about the backlinks. Backlinks are like the backbone of your product page. 

#7. Don’t Try To Oversell

Never try to oversell products to your customers. An Ecommerce SEO company may know how it impacts the conversion rate. You can use it to an extent. 

#8.Don’t Use Low-Quality Media

Pictures and videos with good quality will let your visitors feel the product. Never try to upload them with a quality below the standard.

#9. Don’t Miss CTA

Call-To-Action is what is usually required on your eCommerce product page. If you don’t have any CTA on your page, then it won’t be good. You will see a huge drop in the conversion rate of your product page. An Ecommerce SEO company pays a lot of attention to add a strong call to action on the product page. 

#10. Don’t Remove Old Pages

Never remove the old product pages from your Ecommerce website. This is one of the common mistakes an eCommerce SEO company will make. They delete the old pages When old products are out of stock. But keep in mind always, that pages bring traffic to your site. 

The Final Thought

Great Work! Now you have all the major things to keep in mind while creating product pages. Let’s summarize all these things we have learned in this post. First of all the product pages are very important. Always do product page optimization perfectly like an eCommerce SEO company. 

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