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    COVID-19 has the world in unprecedented health and economic crisis at the moment. Our foundations have been turned upside down and once normal activities like shopping and eating out are now being avoided or restricted. The mountain we all have to climb at the moment is changing by the day, and many of us in the small business sector in Canada are overwhelmed at the idea of climbing at all. SilverServers is lucky to have our staff safe and working remotely, but many in Kamloops and around the world are not so fortunate.

    While some businesses can survive without retail walk-in customers or with empty lobbies, most cannot. SilverServers wants to help change that for local Kamloops businesses. The more we can all keep our product and customers moving smoothly, the more likely it is we can all come out of this crisis in a positive direction.

    To that end, SilverServers wants to offer customized, unique and interesting E-Commerce solutions to most any business that currently has a website. Whether your website is on one of our programs or built by your Uncle in the basement, we want to talk! Many of our clients are already making these changes as quickly as possible. Local Kamloops business Art Knapps Nursery is leading our community in shifting to online, phone and email sales with manual parking lot pickup and social distancing practices in place so that you can still get your thumb green.

How Can You Get Your Inventory And Services Online?

    Whether you sell products or services, if you can still deliver your end of the deal safely we want to help provide ways for your customers to contact, purchase and engage with your sales flow online. Some examples of what your business possibly could use to drive real sales:

    For those that need help providing their services with social distancing or technology in mind, the SilverServers team can help you set up video streaming, conferencing, delivery or other solutions that might be required to keep you serving your community to the benefit of all. While not every platform or situation might be easy or possible to find a solution for, there is no way to know without exploring. If you think your business would benefit from any sort of E-Commerce solution, please contact SilverServers today at 1-236-425-4440 or send us a message. We’re here to help and interested in exploring flexible payment or compensation to help get your business selling online as quickly and easily as possible.

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