Digital Storytelling: 5 Ways to Share Video Storytelling in Your Social Media Marketing

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Digital Storytelling: Ways to Share Video Storytelling in Your Social Media Marketing

The popularity of videos on social media has grown exponentially. In fact, according to a report about the state of online videos, there was an increase of 258% on views of branded video content on Facebook and 99% on YouTube as of June 2017.

This explains why many marketers and businesses have decided to dive into video storytelling to get their message across to their audiences. By implementing the right strategies for creating social media videos, you can also reap the benefits of sharing videos online.

Digital Storytelling: 5 Ways to Share Video Storytelling

What Is Social Media Video?

Simply put, social media videos are videos uploaded and shared through various social media platforms. Social media videos can serve different purposes: entertainment, education, motivation, brand promotion, and more. With the growing popularity of this media, it only makes sense for brand marketers to understand the importance of telling stories effectively through videos.

Principles of Effective Storytelling

When it comes to storytelling, there are different mediums to choose from. Books, music, drawings, photos, and of course, videos can tell a story of their own. But the great thing about using videos is that you can combine all media into it.

With the right plot, good music, and impressive visuals, you can concoct a great video to tell the story you wanted to tell, and do it effectively. Apart from combining various media, you should also be familiar with the following principles to be able to tell a story effectively.

  1. Connect with your audience.

Capture their attention within the first few seconds of the video and let them feel like they are a part of what they are watching. Make them relate to the story so that they will feel like they need to keep watching.

2. Entice them with details. Make the story you are telling intriguing and puzzling. Make them wonder and feed them with a few details bit by bit up until the end.

3. Show, not tell. The secret to effective video storytelling is in the visuals. You don’t have to narrate everything. Make every shot, every angle and every detail count and tell the story on their own. Let them feel the emotions of the story through the visual expressions of the people in the video.

4. Focus on your story. Do not stray away from the story you are trying to tell. Stick to the plot and give the viewers what they came to watch. You can add in as many details as you want, as long as they are properly applied, so as to help you tell the story effectively.

5. Share something valuable. What value can your viewers get after watching your video? Make it a point to always leave something for your viewers to think about. Share a good feeling, life hack, tip, inspiration, motivation, warning, or even a shocking news. By giving them something to think about, you get to transform your video into a memorable experience for your viewers, which can potentially turn them into followers.

The Success of Videos on Social Media

Videos are now everywhere. In fact almost all social media platforms have paved their way into welcoming videos with open arms, changing their algorithms and updating their platform to allow or better video viewing. Because of this, the demand for video makers and editors multiplied. And with more video creators in the market, social media users now have a lot of videos to watch and spend time on. If you are thinking about taking advantage of this demand, you should consider checking and making use of these social media platforms.


Ever since its creation, Youtube has always served its purpose of being an ever-growing library of videos. Whatever topic you could think of, you can find at least one video for it on Youtube. And this library just keeps growing bigger and gaining more popularity. Even if other social media platforms decide to join in on the video bandwagon, Youtube will still be on top of the ranks when it comes to providing good video search results for users.


There are various ways for a social media manager to create videos on Facebook. You can create the usual pre-filmed video that you can then share with your followers. Another way is by shooting short videos and sharing them on Facebook’s My Day section. And if you want to be more interactive with your viewers, you can also do a Facebook Live and allow comments so that you can talk to your viewers, answer questions and share stories with them live.

Another good way of telling stories on video is by mixing it up! Shoot a video and take photos and mix them all in one album. You can then share this album along with some written content so that your followers can better understand the flow of the story.


Twitter, just like Facebook is a great social media platform for storytelling. It’s generally popular for sharing short commentaries on popular and timely topics, but a number of users have also made use of this platform to share even lengthy stories, which most of the time, gathers a lot of attention.

With more and more people enjoying the idea of sharing interesting stories, sharing videos from other social media platforms is also becoming more popular. In fact, video tweets on Twitter have 10 times more engagement than regular tweets.


Instagram is more than just about sharing eye catching images. Many marketing experts also make use of this platform to share stories and news about their brand and industry. In fact, a good practice that most popular Instagram users take advantage of is creating a narrative through Instagram captions.

Other users also make use of their profile to share a visual story with their followers. If you don’t always have time to shoot photos or videos, you can always curate user-generated content or create a short video or Boomerang to post updates that are worth sharing.

Another great idea to improve interactions with your followers in by creating a series of Instagram stories. If you want to automate your interactions with your followers and gain more audiences, you can also take advantage of some of the best Instagram bots on the market.

Successful marketing will always be a challenge, but if you plan your moves properly and make use of the right marketing tools, all your efforts will surely pay off. And if you want a foolproof way of growing your brand’s followers, digital storytelling might just do the trick!

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