Deep Dive Competitive SEO Audit For Your Business Website

Ranking highly in the search results for your business is hard and complicated.  One way to find out why your competitors are showing up above you is to look at WHY they are doing better in search results. Our deep dive Competitive SEO Audit pulls back the curtain and shows you exactly what your competitors are doing to have their search visibility success.

We analyze all of the things that Google looks at when they decide where to rank a website. By identifying what’s working for your competitors we are able to recommend strategies that can help you leapfrog them in the search results.

Your deep dive Competitive SEO Audit also includes a complete report on the next steps.  We give you a step-by-step plan to help fix your website and online strategy to greatly increase your search visibility.

Included are the technical errors that need to be fixed, evaluation of your onsite optimization for search, content optimization evaluation, usability and conversion optimization evaluation, all of your and your competitors’ keyword rankings, all of your and your competitors’ inbound links, and more.

You get everything you need to leapfrog your competition in the search results.

Quite frankly, you get what you pay for.  Free SEO audits are usually created with some very top-level information in order to sell you additional services. This audit is not a pitch for services, it is a service that will help you improve your search visibility.

For our enterprise level SEO audit, we do exactly what we do for our ongoing SEO clients. We get under the hood and uncover exactly what is happening with your site and your competitors’ sites.  Plus we show you why they are outranking you and how you can leverage what’s working for them for your own site.

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