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When trying to figure out which social media platforms you should be on, some questions to ask yourself could be, “What kind of audience am I looking to attract?” Or “Where am I trying to grow my network?” These will help you decide between platforms like the creative Instagram, the Facebook mix, and the professional LinkedIn.

In addition, you may want to ask yourself, “Does my company add value to this platform?” If you’re on a platform producing content that viewers don’t want to see, you could end up hurting your social media presence, and therefore your business. But not to worry, at Mack Media Group we can help you either get started with SMM or reshape your existing presence.

As you go about creating posts, we will work with you to decide what your customers are looking for. Do they want something educational like an industry-related article to read or do they want something funny and entertaining? The answers to these questions will help us create the most relevant and effective social media posts for your company.

The frequency of your posts depends on two elements. The first deals with the number of available resources. These resources may include the latest industry-related articles, short video clips or company information on new products, services, or events. You want to make sure that you’re providing your users with content they want to see, and not just filler content. It’s always quality over quantity. For that reason, well-written posts will lead to higher engagements and be more valuable to you than a bunch of wasted effort.

The second element consists of your audience. While some audience may accept a lot of posts running through their feeds, others are more reluctant to staying engaged. This kind of user may stop following you because of the overwhelming amount of posts they are receiving. This will hurt your business because you lose a potentially loyal customer. Going back to posting good content that is valuable to your users can save you here.

We’ll sit down with you to discuss the best practices for your business on the different social platforms. 

Here’s Why: Organic reach dropped by nearly 52% in 2016 alone as Facebook Ads began to take over top spots for posts. Facebook uses an algorithmic feed to decide which content should be placed within user’s feeds. This has made it increasingly difficult to get content seen organically, or when not used within a Facebook Ad.

Depending on your budget, we recommend setting aside marketing dollars for Social Media Marketing. Social Media has become a leading tool for companies to generate leads, grow their email list and gain more viewers just by being exposed to their advertising.

Every platform will offer their own form of paid social media marketing. First, determine which platform you’d like to be on, your budget, audience and what kind of content you want to be posted. Many businesses start by utilizing Facebook Ads because there are many opportunities to reach customers on this platform compared to others. 

Research shows that 78% of all Americans are known to have at least one social media profile. The top being Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube. This means that you have a higher probability of reaching your customers through one of these platforms. Social Media is on the rise and connecting with your customers is essential to your businesses success.

Your posts don’t just have to be all about advertising. Remember that social posts are a two-way line of communication. You will often receive likes, comments and other arrays of feedback from your customers. Use this to your advantage as you sell your products and services or promote an event!

Putting together fun, interactive and entertaining posts can help you keep users informed, and aware of what is going on in your industry. Making fun facts for your contracting business, or health tips for you medical facility are all great ways to keep consumers engaged.

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