ContentStudio Review & Tutorial: Social media with evergreen and discoverability

ContentStudio allows you to discover industry trends, compose compelling posts, and share across all your channels. On sale for a VERY short time http://sumo.ly/U5wv

Great for any business that does not already have a scheduler or using another monthly paid one. Would like to see some UTM codes, Instagram, Facebook Groups (yes they are available again – I know because my eClincher account is posting to all my groups my agency manages). 2 codes great for a small agency. Hopefully – unlike the Planable AppSumo deal – they will actually keep working on the platform and adding to the road map.

1) Simple to setup
2) The basic posting integrations
3) Some interesting find features…though haven’t fully tested them out.
4) Looks like they have Evergreen and post recycling TIMESAVER but I don’t think the Evergreen is fully developed. Most apps charge about $50 a month for that feature and it is restrictive. We will see.
5) Blog posting to Medium
6) 3 / 10 blogs to automate posting to. Haven’t tested but this could be cool.
7) Automation campaigns WITH review. Not trying to post crazy. Needs more testing but can be awesome especially for like Twitter. Lot of potential here for blogs and influencers. For brands, I prefer more branded content and I DID NOT see an option to automate my YouTube videos to my other social platforms 🙁
8) Great onboarding
9) Looks like it might have some great features for looking up influential markets.

1) 1 code is capped at 10 profiles, small team capped at 25. Better than planable. Would have liked to see more standing options.
2) Needs some time to mature.

Definitely worth the purchase. If you are growing or an agency – get two. Full video review here: http://sumo.ly/U5wv

ContentStudio Review & Tutorial: Social media with evergreen and discoverability

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