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Search engine optimization of websites is said to be an art & science that can assist you in getting higher ranks on the search engine result pages (SERP). Search is the main way for the user to discover the content online, and higher ranking in the result pages of search engines can lead to an increase in the traffic of a website.  You’ve listened a lot about the optimization of the websites, but you know that it is considered a vital digital marketing tool.

SEO is based on multiple elements, and knowing what they’re & how it works is important.SEO (search engine optimization) is important because it makes your website more visible in search engines. It means gaining more traffic and more opportunities to convert prospects into customers. To make your optimization more effective, it is beneficial for you to check seo. Here, we are going to go through the free SEO analysis tools & audit reports.

Below are some of the free tools for website audit; read on:

SmallSEOTools SEO Checker tool

The seo checker tool by smallseotools is one out of hundreds of free and reliable seo tools that can help you manage your website in a better way. This free seo checker tool would scan your website’s each and every metric and would tell you what metrics are perfect for your site and which ones do you need to change or remove. This cloud-based tool has no limitations and can be used on all kinds of devices!

Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is a free SEO analysis tool that is designed to track your website and generate reports regarding your website traffic. Basically, it is a cloud platform that offers the website owners a feature of tracking and analyzing their marketing SEO efforts. You can say that it’s a one-stop solution for your optimization needs.  You just need to sign up to use its services, and it is available as a paid and free version.  You can easily check the seo of your website to make it better to boost the website traffic.

Google Search Console:

Let’s suppose that Google Analytics is the air for an online marketer for breathing, and then you can say that the Google Search Console is the food that a marketer eats.  It is a seo checker tool for everyone that tells how Google views your website and optimizes its organic presence in search pages. It also includes viewing of the referring domains, mobile website performance, search results, and queries related to the high traffic.


Ubersugest is one tool to check seo that is designed to help you in your website optimization. It helps to let you know what your competitors are doing and how you can adjust your strategies to get the benefits of optimization. You can easily operate Ubersugest seo tester, and you just need to type the domain or keyword to get the results.


MozBar is a free browser extension through which you can access important analytics about your website. By using this free tool, check seo and also can get link metrics, and do all your SEO on the go. When you search something, it shows the link metrics for pages & domains and displays the domain authority along with page authority & the number of backlinks for the websites.


Woorank is available as free & paid versions; you can easily do a  website audit and get reports regarding your marketing data. You just need to plug in your competitor’s domain in order to discover which keywords they’re using, so you can overlap with theirs.  It is considered as the best possible way to understand how keywords perform over time to optimize for users as well as search engines. Most importantly, it allows you to know about the things that your website is lacking from both technical & content perspectives. It can also help you to check seo online, duplicated content, downtime, and security issues.


SEOQuack is known for its free services to check seo, and this web browser extension acts as an SEO checker that offers on-page website audits, access to both the internal & external links. It also does a comparison in order to determine how you perform against your competitors. Keyword analysis, keyword density, user-friendly dashboard are some of its other features.


This SEO keyword tool allows you to search the long-tailed keywords that have a lower level of competition. The seo experts use this tool to find the best keywords and to run the analysis reports on backlinks and search engine result pages.  It also helps to check seo with website rank while tracking your improvement based on one key metric. You can get lots of new keyword ideas to help you to rank your website on top pages.


The above-listed seo checkers are famous and helpful in providing insights about your website and your competitors as well. Choosing the best seo tool from a variety of tools is difficult, but you can choose from the above list to check seo. These tools can help you in different ways, such as keyword search, keyword analysis, check the duplicated content, and also assist you in making adjustments to get traffic.

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