Chatbots and SEO: How Can Chatbots Improve Your SEO Ranking?

The best thing for a business is to get as high as possible in as many searches as possible.  Search engine optimization helps that and can boost your company to the top of many queries if done correctly.  The more time a visitor stays on your website after clicking through on a search, the better your company will do with search engines.  Chatbots can help with that- and in many other ways- and could boost your company higher: here’s how.

What Are Chatbots

Although some people may find them annoying- for most companies, chatbots are beyond useful tools.  Chatbots are automated scripts that can pop up when someone lands on your website.  They’re able to answer simple questions, lead potential customers towards links to let them purchase your products, and can gather the information that will help you contact these leads later.

They’re able to let customers feel close to your brand and will save you time on customer service.  Chatbots can also pull customers back to your site if they click another tab, with notifications and chat-chime noises.  They can be the change your website needs to help push customers to buy.

Time On Landing Page

For search engine optimization, the more time visitors spend on the landing page, the better.  Google can see how long someone is on a website when they click through, and the more time they’re there, the better they are to search for what they need.  This step will push you higher on the ranking of websites, and higher in searches.  It shows that you’re a quality company with a quality site.

Can Get Better Ratings

Using a chatbot means your customers will get whatever answers they want right out of the gate.  This use will keep them from clicking away to find answers elsewhere and make sure that your company serves people how you want them to get served.

When customers rate sites or leave reviews, this can help boost your company’s authenticity and location.  These will help move your company up in the ratings and show future customers that you’re reliable.

Getting higher up in SEO ranking isn’t worth anything if every review you have makes you look bad, or makes your company sound confusing.

Connect With Customers

A common issue a lot of sites have when they use chatbots is customers find them impersonal.  This problem is an easy trap to fall into if you’re not careful.  Every brand has a personality of its own, and people are noticing whether they know it.  Your chatbot should have a character that matches your brand and show your customers what they can expect.

Customer service interactions, like working with chatbots, can help your customers build a connection with your company.  You can also ensure your company’s image comes off clearly in every chat, and you can utilize chatbots for better communication.  You have a mission in mind for your company, make it clear in every interaction.

Collecting Data For Sales

This positive doesn’t directly affect how you show up in search engines, but the more purchases and reviews your company gets.  Chatbots are powerful at collecting information and leading customers through an acquisition.  Sites like Nike’s use their chatbots to walk customers through a personalized order and finalize more purchases than just using the site without it.

Chatbots can also gather information to make it easier to reach out and contact leads if they leave your site without purchasing.  You must follow up on these leads within twenty-four hours so that you are still fresh in the customer’s minds.  If you wait too long, customers might move on to another idea or forget about why they looked up your service.

It’s vital that you gather any needed information and put it to immediate use.

24 Hour Customer Service

Having a twenty-four-hour call center available is way too expensive for most companies.  It takes time in training, costs money in benefits and wages, and takes office space if you have a physical call center.

A chatbot is always there to answer questions and close deals.  This step, again, will keep people on your page longer, which will boost your rankings.

Keeping a website means your business is global, so a chatbot will ensure you’re available when your customers need you most.

Scalable As Your Ranking Grows

Unlike live customer service, which would require you to hire on more agents and lengthen your hours, chatbots are nearly infinitely available.  As your business grows, your customers won’t have to worry about losing contact with you when they need help.  This pro will help your reviews and keep customers returning to your site any time they need you.

Guide Customers Through Your Site

Some companies have chatbots that guide customers through their websites.  This tool is handy for multiple reasons- but mainly because it keeps customers on your site for longer.  Showing your customers what the tools and tabs do on the website also informs them how to get the best service from you.  This pro saves you time since you won’t have to answer customer questions that can quickly get answered.

How your website and company rank on search engines is vital to how your company grows.  If you use a chatbot correctly, you can push your website further up the searches.  Nobody goes to the next page of a search unless they’re desperate- use a chatbot and make sure your site performs to its potential!

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