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Business Boost: Social Media Marketing for Yoga Teachers

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Being a yoga teacher is a fulfilling and rewarding career. There is a multitude of yoga styles for a yoga teacher to share with students in private classes and groups. However, to attract a new student or yoga lovers to instruction, a yoga teacher must have a sound marketing strategy and valuable content to garner attention. Entering into a yoga business without a marketing plan is one of a yoga professional or yoga studio owner can make. Each yoga studio and instructor is unique and they need to be marketed as such!  

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The Power of Social Media Marketing for Yoga Teachers

When considering a marketing plan for a yoga studio or practice, never underestimate the power of social media! Instructors spend countless hours of yoga practice and yoga teacher training and it is important to showcase their skills to a potential student. 

Why should a yoga teacher be visible online? The answer is simple! To get yourself, your yoga philosophies, and your yoga business in front of as many people as possible!

Many instructors have an idea of their ideal student. It may be narrowed to a specific age range or demographic area. Some yoga teachers work with high-level athletes and teams as a part of holistic athletic training. Whatever the target demographic, they must know you exist and how you can help them if there is any hope of them joining your practice. 

The most popular social media platforms to use with a social marketing strategy are also the most effective at reaching the ideal student. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram all have valuable features for the creation and sharing of information. For yoga professionals with their own personal social media accounts, it is first important to recognize that these must be kept separate from a business account for obvious reasons. The social media accounts used to target potential students must be focused specifically on the instructor, their skills, and appropriate content for their practice. Things like the yoga pose of the day, , or details on the instructor’s personal yoga philosophy fit well.

The reach of social media accounts goes beyond the followers of the accounts since people can share content and expand its reach. Features like Instagram stories offer a unique opportunity to showcase yoga-related content in short, easy-to-view pieces. A Facebook ad is another way to take advantage of paid advertising and target a specific student. This includes people who are outside of a yoga teacher’s demographic area, which can make it easier to offer an online yoga class. Even tweeting offers a fast and frequent way to stay front of mind for followers.

The Pros and Cons of Social Media Marketing as a Yoga Teacher

With any technology, there are pros and cons. A studio owner who doesn’t want to promote their business is also one that likely doesn’t plan on staying open for long. The more people in the door, the more longevity a yoga studio will have. This means not only caring for existing students but also constantly seeking the new student. 

Requires Time and Effort

Creating and executing an effective social media marketing strategy is time-consuming! Most yoga teachers want to do what they trained for—help students while practicing yoga. However, the time spent on marketing is well worth the effort.

Creating a valuable social media post takes more work than most people think. It’s not about sending out anything you can think of. Effective social media content offers applicable information that is congruent with an instructor’s yoga brand and philosophies. 

Fun and Rewarding

On the other hand, connecting with current and potential students is fun and rewarding. When a yoga teacher really gets to know their students, it is easier to not only provide them content they will value and share, but also to engage with them in class or private instruction.

Builds Authority

The visibility of social media also makes the yoga teacher an authority on all things yoga and wellness! People trust individuals they see frequently, and that trust equates to income potential in the yoga industry.

Expands Your Business

Social media platforms like Facebook also make it very easy to and take it online! The current world climate has created a demand for virtual fitness instruction. A yoga teacher who can offer class or private instruction to anyone regardless of geographic location can tap into an endless market of students!

Engage with Students

Social media also allows the yoga professional to engage with students off the mat. Building relationships is the best way to

Grow Your Website

Finally, social media is a great tool to drive people to your yoga website. If you don’t have one yet, that should be your next step! A yoga website the perfect place to share your philosophies, content, practice location, and even drive sales of your services all in one place!

Authentic Content and Growing Your Practice

One of the foundations of yoga is being true to oneself and genuine care and compassion for others. Following that line, a yoga instructor must represent themselves as honestly and authentically as possible. When building a yoga business, instructors need to establish their yoga philosophies:

These are the consistencies that students will love and come to expect from a yoga teacher.

Once the philosophy and intention are set, stay consistent and continue to work at it! Everything shared, posted, and taught should align with these foundational pieces. Experts in the yoga industry stress the importance of authenticity in yoga practice. Instructors who know themselves, have a full and well-rounded personal practice, and practice self-care will be able to present their truest self to those they teach. This heightened level of self-awareness is often associated with student’s connectedness to their yoga teacher and their own personal practice.

Effective Social Media Strategies for Yoga Teachers

If you’re , you are on the right track! You are advertising for less and are sure to have great reach. But digital is just a small part of an effective strategy. Let’s explore exactly how to use each outlet to the best advantage.

With more than 1 billion users worldwide, Facebook has great potential for a yoga professional or studio owner. People who visit a Facebook page can view photos of you and your location, get updates, and learn what you offer.

To get the most out of this platform, reach out to and connect with the friends and family of those who directly follow you. Don’t wait for them to find you! You can engage with page visitors with interactive quizzes, games, and videos. 

There are many events that can be hosted online. Hold a yoga retreat or a yoga Q & A session for new students! This is a great way to put yourself and your teaching philosophies at center stage and grow your social media and student following. Whether on a conference platform like Zoom or within Facebook, engage with existing and new students all over the world by hosting a session geared towards building community and yoga practice. 

An Instagram account is the perfect way to share visual media—photos and videos. Business accounts, as opposed to personal accounts, offer additional features like a contact us button and a chance to share your business details. 

Digital research has shown that interactions and engagement on Instagram is 10 times higher than on Facebook and more than 80 times higher than on Twitter! Colorful and striking images and videos are an eye-catching way to draw attention.

The key with Twitter is to create short, catchy content that will be re-tweeted (or shared) by users. And it’s more than just words! Images, articles, and links can be tweeted. It is a challenging platform since content is plentiful, but it is a fun way to engage with people and spread your message. 

Get Social!

The bottom line: social marketing is a tool too perfect not to use for a yoga professional. Be as mindful about the content released as you would be with your yoga practice and you are sure to increase student retention, attract new students, and build your yoga business. 

Learn more about taking your entire yoga practice online effectively. Get certified as an , take advantage of the boundless virtual space, and watch your business expand before your eyes!  

Yoga means to “join together”. And as a certified yoga instructor, you’ll be able to join your passion for health and wellness with a thriving career in the fitness industry.


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