Black Friday 2017: Black Friday Ecommerce Tips

In this article, we will be exploring Black Friday ecommerce tips to help you maximise your profits. In particular, we will be looking at things you can do within our area of expertise of digital infrastructure and hosting to ensure that your customers make the purchases they (and you) want on Black Friday 2017.
A cost-effective way of achieving that is a flexible hosting infrastructure that grows (and then shrinks) according to your demands. A multi-server environment, in which traffic and load is spread across more than one server, will significantly increase your website’s capacity, and allow for more servers to be added if needed.
Ecommerce websites are heavy in their use of database resources. Shoppers will click into various items, open and quickly click through a host of photographs, and start selecting product options (such as sizes and colours). Each of these actions is a database query, so it is fair to surmise that your Black Friday ecommerce activity will put your database server under more strain than usual.
The final of our Black Friday tips is to use monitoring tools to keep a watchful eye on your server. Ideally, start that as soon as possible so you can see what’s happening when you get traffic spikes on a regular day. This will help you to understand what level or type of usage risks taking your server to its capacity. That will be useful information ahead of Black Friday, but also going forward.

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