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Welcome to RankHigher.in, the leading social media marketing services agency in India.

Social is the new marketing. In fact, dare we say, social is the only form of marketing that will work in few years to come. Why? Because Social is 2 way communication. A brand is established when it achieves a strong positioning in the customer’s mind. And that happens when the customer discovers the brand, engages with it and starts loving it. And Social Media is a tool that has helped today’s customers to make informed choices. It has given voice to people to share their views on topics that matter to them. Heck! A nation can be moved through an uprising that starts from social media.

We have moved on from Social Media 1.0, which was the era of having profiles and pages setup on Social Media platforms and replicating the same salesy content that brands used to push on other ATL and BTL channels.

It is Social Media 2.0. This is the era, where customers are put off by advertisements. They want to see content that they are interested in. They have the power to switch off content that they do not care about.

Content that does not influence a person is content wasted.

With the increase in mobile adoption and internet penetration, content is getting consumed at a frantic pace. If a brand does not take part actively in fuelling this consumption, they are losing the game.

With the power balance shifting to customers, brands have to play the game carefully.

And this is where RankHigher comes in.  We help brands play the game to win.

Why should you invest in Social Media Marketing Company in India?

A good professional Social Media Services agency in India can help you with the following:

We Help Brands Win on Social Media

We have invested time in research and have understood through executing multiple projects as to what works on social media 2.0.

We understand that it is about creating content that matters to people. With customers at the forefront, we focus on creating communication that is interesting, engaging and influence the user.

We help you with the following:

1.      Understand  your social media goals

If you do not have a specific goal for your social media marketing, then you can easily go down the wrong path. And the worst scenario happens when you cannot justify why should you even invest in social media for your brand. Given the fact that your customers are spending bulk of their time on social media, as a brand you have a great way to connect and engage them. But this has to come with specific measurable goals. Each goal should be tied to a business value. Whether you want to grow your following or get more engagement or make more sales, you need to be specific. We understand that brands have challenges understanding this. And this is where our expertise can help you.

2.      Define a target audience

Social Media is serious business for brands. You need to clearly define your audience on social media. Unless you do this, you will be creating content which will not reach the right audience. With our in-house research, we have developed expertise to identify the right target group for your brand. This helps us in understanding the demographic and psychographic details about your consumer and what interests them.

3.      Create exceptional content that can get people hooked to your brand.

We have expertise in creating content that can get people to engage with you. Users are overexposed to content on social media. Therefore, unless you are exceptional, chances are you will not get any engagement for your content. And an unengaged audience leads to pretty much a dead social media activity. We focus on creative storytelling that addresses people’s emotions. We understand the emotional triggers of a human and why she will care to engage with your content. Some of our content we have created for brands have received over 50,000 shares organically.

Our Social Media Optimization (SMO) Services:

1.      Social Media Page Management

We help you manage your social media pages (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) on a regular basis. We create content regularly which helps in brand engagement. We define a social media management plan at the start of the engagement. This plan includes, number of posts per month, the time of posting, the genre of posts and the types of content. Creating content regularly helps build trust with your customers. You cannot afford to post once in while or irregularly, because it impacts visibility and people can easily forget about your brand. Besides, if a person stops interacting with your page, she will stop seeing the posts on their feed. So, effectively you are losing the prospect forever.

2.      Social Media Campaigns

If you are looking to promote a service/product or want to increase follower count or have a specific offer for customers, social media campaigns can help you achieve them. We have executed multiple campaigns for brands on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Through Facebook ads, we generated over 2 Crore worth of revenue for our customers.

3.      Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is the “hot-thing” on social media. Influencers are people with a lot of followers on social media. When they post something on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram, they get loads of shares, RTs and engagement. As a brand, if you can work with these influencers, then you can achieve loads of traffic and sales very fast. They can also help you achieve virality on social media. We work with influencers to help brands in their social media campaigns. We recently conducted a Twitter campaign for a brand that resulted in over 8 million reach and 100 new brand followers in a matter of 2 hours.

4.      Social Listening

Previously, it was not possible for brands to listen to customers. As a marketing manager, listening to customers can help you learn a lot about business.  Social Media helps you achieve that. It is a 2 way communication channel where voice of the customer trumps everything else. We proactively monitor conversations around your brand and take part in conversations. This helps to give your brand a more human feel and increase brand trust and credibility.

5.      Video Campaigns

Videos have always been the most important forms of content. This is why television became more popular than newspapers and magazines. The same trend follows on social media as well. However, the videos that you create on social media are different than what you would do for a TV. Here the power balance has shifted to customers. Therefore you cannot create pushy promotional videos and hope to get engagement on social media. Through our in-depth expertise on social media, and our understanding of customer psychology, we know which videos can do well. Our team has expertise in video based storytelling to help you develop compelling videos.

Why should you work with RankHigher.in – the best social media agency in India?

1.      Team

We are team of passionate marketers, social media experts, storytellers, content creators and designers who are passionate to see ideas come to life. We do not promise virality, but we create things that people love. And with this driving passion we have been able to take even small brands to huge levels of success on social media, while the competitors where reeling.

2.      Success Stories

We have created content that have been shared over 50,000 times worldwide. Or work has been featured on Business Insider, Astro TV (Malaysia), Afaqs and Social Samosa. We have made videos that have changed the way a business is perceived. We have grown engagement by over 400X for some of the brands we work with.

3.      Thought Leadership

You cannot trust an agency unless it walks the talk. We are firm believers of developing the social media marketing thought process in India. Big agencies have done that with the Advertisement world. We aim to do our bit for the social media world. We contribute articles regularly on YourStory on digital marketing. We have given Guest talks at Nasscom. We have conducted workshops for brands such as UrbanClap. We maintain a YouTube Channel (a pioneer of its kind in India) where we give tips on digital marketing to businesses.

Convinced about working with RankHigher.in to help you in your social media marketing? Please fill in the Contact form and we will get in touch with you shortly.

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