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Businesses shouldn’t shy away from audio marketing anymore.

With podcasts booming for brands of all kinds, marketing them is as important as creating them. But how to do that in a way that your podcasts get the attention they deserve? More importantly, how to ensure that they don’t get lost in a sea of content?

The answer lies in audiograms.

Together with auto-captioning, audiograms act as the perfect tool your podcast promotion strategy needs.

So, what is an audiogram? Let’s find out!

What are Audiograms?

Remember those static images (or a slideshow of images) with audio and a graph showing audio amplitude changes?

Well, those are Audiograms (AKA Waveforms or visual sound-waves).

By marketing just a snippet of your podcast show with the rest of the world, you make your podcasts  more shareable than ever. Now that you know what is an audiogram, here’s an example:

While you can keep your audiograms simple with some basic audio wave animation, you can also add compelling text and images and work your magic.

Add audiograms & waveforms to your videos

Why use Audiograms and Waveforms?

Audiograms and waveforms are powerful. You can use them for:

Combine an audio snippet with an image/video, a waveform, and captions, and you’ll have the perfect audio nugget you need to woo your listeners.

How to create Audiograms with Wave.video

You don’t need to be a tech-lover to understand how to add audiograms to video. Wave.video makes the process quick and easy. Follow the process here:

Step 1 – Log in to your Wave.video account

Log in to your Wave.video account and click “+ New Video”. Now upload a video or pick a template or use a stock video/image (or series of images) that you want to add to your audiogram.

Step 2 – Add audio

Click the “Audio” tab on the left and hit “Uploads” to add your podcast snippet.

Step 3 – Add captions

Next, click on “Captions” to add subtitles to your audiogram video. You can upload a subtitle file or use our “Auto Caption” feature to generate subtitles automatically.

Once you have the subtitles ready, you can also edit the text style, size, color, background, etc. to complement your audiogram theme. And, hey, you can also edit the captions if you want.

Step 4 – Add a waveform

Inside the video editor, click on “Enhancers” on the left. Now, you will have “Waveforms” on the right and pick a style from the “Presets” dropdown menu under the Waveforms tab.

Step 5 – Customize your waveform

Change the color, background, size, or alignment of the sound visualization. You can also select a period or add a glowing effect. Customize your audiogram till you are happy with the results.

Step 6 – Publish

Lastly, publish and render your audiogram video to download. You can also share it directly on social media, embed it on a website, or get a white label link.

That’s how easy creating an audiogram is with Wave.video audiogram maker!

Audiogram Ideas For Your Podcasts + Examples

Want to create awesome audiogram videos for your podcasts? Here are some killing ideas with examples to get you going.

Make it informational

We all love learning something new! And with audiogram videos, you can make that happen. Create an audiogram discussing a topic and answer commonly asked questions to direct your audience towards your podcast for more insights.

For inspiration, check out how Coastal Integrative Healthcare shares an audiogram providing information on “whiplash”.

Share some tips

Okay, so delivering information is one thing. Sharing tips that add to that information is different. See what Jeff Concepcion does here by sharing tips on growing advisory business:

Employ user-generated content

Podcasts featuring user-generated content give that raw, relatable feel that’s hard to miss. Well, you can bring that feel to your audiograms too. Just like Girls Gotta Eat Podcast is doing here:

New episode features our listeners’ most embarrassing F*ck My Phone moments 😭 listen on @Spotify! #spotifypodcasts pic.twitter.com/u3LOYfvl9m

— Girls Gotta Eat Podcast (@Girls_GottaEat) May 19, 2020

Tell a story

Storytelling is as vital for audio marketing as for video marketing. Draw on the art of storytelling when it comes to podcast promotion. But be careful of the time you have in your hands, i.e., a few seconds. So, your story should be catchy enough to grab your viewers’ attention.

Here’s a fantastic example by The Unheard Truth:

Inspire them

Like most of the visual posts on social media, audiograms have the power to inspire the viewers. Align your messaging well and make your audiogram video inspirational enough to bring in more listeners to your podcast.

Take a look at this audiogram by Chat With Leaders Podcast and see how their guest Shavonne Reed inspires millions with her story of how she found her passion in Healthcare Marketing.

Introduce your guest(s)

Podcasts with guests are becoming more and more popular. You can expand your podcast reach by introducing the guest(s) in your audiogram video. Smartless is a terrific example here. They invite high-profile guests to their podcasts and present them through their audiograms.

Like this one with Reese Witherspoon:

Best Practices for Audiogram Videos

Building an audience for your podcasts becomes easier when you implement the tips mentioned above. For more on growing your podcast audience, read Podcast Marketing: 3 Sure-Fire Ways to Grow Your Audience.

Ready to fuel your podcasts with audiograms?

Go ahead and drive traffic to your podcast episodes with smart audiograms designed in our audiogram maker.

Experiment with different templates in Wave.video till you get what your heart desires. Plus, there’s an automatic caption generator and a host of audio tracks to stoke up your audiograms.

Happy designing!

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