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ARM has built a new set of processors from the ground up to power an artificially intelligent world.

Ahead of Mobile World Congress, the ubiquitous chip maker is pulling back the curtain on Project Trillium—its new suite of products designed to enable machine learning (ML) anywhere and everywhere.

MWC Bug ArtProject Trillium consists of three components: a new ML processor rolling out to device makers and partners in mid-2018, a new object detection processor launching at the end of the quarter, and a set of neural network software libraries available to developers today.

ARM isn’t releasing full architectural details of the new ML and object detection chips, but it claims to have developed processors beyond the capabilities of current CPUs and GPUs. Built specifically to address machine learning workloads, the ML processor sports a new intelligent memory system the company says maintains processing performance without draining power. The object detection processor can process video feeds in real time at up to 60 frames per second, and detect objects in the frame as small as 50-60 pixels.

The bigger picture is the wide array of AI applications ARM envisions its new processors will enable. The ML chip is targeting the mobile market, meaning smartphones, self-driving cars, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices at the edge. Perhaps scarier is what the ML chip can do when combined with the object detection processor. ARM sees embedded possibilities in security cameras and smart cities, where “a completely new class of smart cameras” will support everything from facial identification and gesture recognition to ML-driven predictive analytics and mood analysis.

“We can do this processing in real time at HD resolution running at 60 frames per second,” says Jem Davies, VP, Fellow, and GM of ARM’s Machine Learning Group. “We’re able to detect objects further away very easily within frames including the…

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