AppleBot Is Here (Apple Search Engine)

Apple versus Google

AppleBot Is Here (Apple Search Engine)

Within seconds of me dropping one of the most recent blog posts AppleBot picked it up. I’m a bit suspicious about AppleBot’s process of discovery because Apple got to the new blog post before Googlebot did…

AppleBot Search Log

Anyways, currently Apple search isn’t here, but AppleBot’s activities have been reported to increasing 10x in the last several months. In our own logs (serpwoo.com) we’ve seen a 9 to 10x increase, upto 120 times a day in visits.

Now the big question: how does Apple plan on integrating their search engine? Most likely through iOS (iPhones, iPads, and iOS devices) and their Mac OS X operating system at a native level. As well Siri suggestions.

I have not yet seen any traffic from Apple or any AppleBot like related sources, but once we start seeing traffic SERPWoo will be on top of the news and development of supporting rank tracking for the new search engine.

Apple Search Potential

Currently it’s estimated that Apple has 1.5 billion active devices (Apple’s active installed base include ‌iPhone‌, iPod touch, iPad, Mac, Apple TV, and Apple Watch models in use around the world). THAT is a a huge footprint that WILL give Google a run for it’s money.

Based off of Apple’s App Store versus Google, Apple customers tend to be A LOT more profitable than Google Android: Apple’s App Store generated 80% more revenue than Google Play with a third as many installs in first half of 2019

AppleBot Search Log

Unfortunately this comic holds true based on numbers:

Apple User versus Google User

Basically any Apple developer out there should be developing for Apple first – if you are after revenue, then Google Android.

Apple has already given some details about how it’s search engine will operate:

Apple Search may take the following into account when ranking web search results:

  • Aggregated user engagement with search results
  • Relevancy and matching of search terms to webpage topics and content
  • Number and quality of links from other pages on the web
  • User location based signals (approximate data)
  • Webpage design characteristics

Source: Apple: About AppleBot

As we continue getting more information we’ll let all of WooNation know!


CCarter is the Co-Founder of SERPWoo.

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