9 thoughts about Social Media Marketing in 2019 – SillySense

1. Concentrate on the roots – the basics.

Social Media is always changing. Every other day someone will boost for a new and improved method, there will more algorithm changes. The key is to keep your basics strong – content, creativity and common sense – you will find your way.

2. Paid Marketing is not a magic wand.

We get this that boosting helps but in no universe, it is going to sell the lousy content. Paid marketing is not easy, certainly not equivalent to clicking that blue boost button and adding money to the ad campaign. It takes skills and in-depth planning. If you do not design your funnels you will spend more money than you anticipate.

3. Insights Analytics

Shout for digital marketing and 100s will answer, practically everyone claims to be a digital marketer these days. With the availability of numerous apps, creating content is easy. The difference comes how they read the insights and strategies them to work in favour of business.

4. Don’t put in your money on all the fancy tools you see.

Don’t be a miser and let everything go manually. Once you have planned your activities, invest in tools and softwares that you require.

5. Marketing is your profession and not your existence.

Kardashians, Jenners or Gary Vee they are their product themselves and to sell that it has taken years of investment. Focusing primarily on your work rather than self-branding everything in life will bring you more respect and attention in the long run.

6. Organic Marketing is not dead.

Just because Facebook page reach has declined and Instagram is also giving a limited reach, it doesn’t mean organic marketing is dead. It is far from being dead. We agree it takes more effort that paid marketing but it lays the base of your existence. This is where you are truly loved by your audience.

7. Learn every day.

One of those professions where you can’t afford to not learn something new every day. Stay updated and connected.

8. Start focusing on how the businesses are running.

It is the need of the hour. When you understand the business in and out then you can design a successful digital campaign around it. Marketing will come naturally then.

9. Try experimenting yourself

more than relying on internet people to guide you. What worked for others may not work for you and vice versa.

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