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Once you have a solid list of related keywords, you can export the results to an Excel sheet to filter, search, and browse thousands of suggestions.

3. Make Sure Your Website is 100% Mobile-Responsive

Google switched to a mobile-first indexing strategy back in July of 2019.

If your website isn’t mobile-centric, all the SEO for content marketers in the world won’t help you earn space in the search results.

Every page on your site must be 100% optimized for mobile browsers which includes:

4. Meta Matters

Your metadata tells both Google bots and potential visitors what your post is about. Make sure to optimize

Google’s bots will crawl the metadata to decide how to rank your page. Meanwhile, visitors will see some of this information in the search results, including image search results.

5. Include Google’s Related Questions and Suggestions

SEO for content marketers works best when it comes straight from the horse’s mouth.

Simply type your keyword into Google and scroll down to check out the related searches for additional semantic keywords like “weightlifting exercises,” “weightlifting training,” and “weightlifting equipment.”

The “People also ask” section gives you some more awesome content ideas:

When you have an idea for a piece of content, always run your topic idea through the content analyzer so you can read what people have already shared (and outdo them).

It’s much easier to please 15 people rather than 100, right?

Writing for smaller groups gives you a chance to dive deep and create content that’s truly relevant and valuable rather than generic.

Part of SEO for content marketers involves updating old content – especially content already ranking well in Google search results.

Google loves fresh content. Go back through your old blog posts looking for outdated facts and places to add new information. Use this opportunity to include some related Google search suggestions and answer questions from the “People also ask” section in the search results.

SEO for content marketers involves more than plugging keywords into the right places. You need a content strategy centered around answering questions, comprehensive research, and hot topics.

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