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What is Alexa and How to increase Alexa Ranking of a Website

These questions always come in your mind when you start learning about SEO, ranking, and traffic on a website. Let’s talk about the ranking which will give answers to most of the queries-

Check out these questions below, or you can say the ‘Doubts’ about the Ranking on Google Search:-

The Amazon’s product which maintains the ranking of websites is the widely popular ‘Alexa’. Don’t confuse it with the voice assistant of Amazon, it is a website that ranks other websites, according to their performance, their quality of content, the response from users, etc. People also confuse Alexa rank as ‘ranking of google’, no, it is different. Even Google itself is in the Alexa rank list (On top position obviously). But for sure it is widely popular ranking system and it very precisely shows the performance and reputation of the website and for sure if your Alexa rank is good then you would be having a good ranking on google search also.

Alexa’s algorithms to ranking of any website are quite complex to understand but obviously, if your content is unique and attractive to the masses then you don’t have to worry about the algorithms, check Alexa rank on day to day basis or worry about the traffic. But still, many people give it importance and learning some techniques about high ranking will only help, so we will learn about this stuff in this article. Befor starting the article you can check your website ranking in our Alexa Ranking checker tool.

Check Alexa Ranking

Check Your website Alexa Ranking and in this article we will teach you the basic steps that you should not avoid if you want to rank your website.

Alexa Website Ranking Checker

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A Guide to Improve Your Alexa Ranking

Although, the daily number of visitors and page views are important factors for the Alexa ranking i.e., more traffic= improvement in Alexa ranking but there are other factors too. Let’s have a look-

1. Write Quality Content

As you know quality content and the unique one also is the backbone of any website. The quality content plays a vital role in improving the reputation and rankings of the website. Users always get attracted to something different and they eventually become the automatic promoters for the website which only benefits it. So it simply means that-

Unique Content = Improved Search Engine Ranking = Improved Alexa Ranking

Actually, search engine loves unique and popular content. It improves the visibility of the website in the searches and also the rankings.

2. Using Relevant Keywords that Drive Traffic to your Site

Keywords plays a significant role in attracting traffic to the website through search engines. A search engine always matches the keywords used in the website to the search query and then displays the result. So, it is natural that a relevant keyword, which is closely related to the content of the website is a necessary element for the goodwill of the website.

A keyword research should be done by the help of any tool (many available on the internet), which will give you a set of targeted and relevant keywords related to your content. In order to develop rich quality content, you should have targeted keywords. The most famous tools are Google Ads available online for finding the relevant keywords related to the respective domains and you can even also Alexa’s Keywords Difficulty Tool.

3. Backlinks

A nice set of backlinks always helps. You can create backlinks for your website on various websites like in Quora, Pinterest and also there are various websites you can search about on the internet. Also, you can set internal links within your content like backlinking about some other content on the website within another content.

While you submit your link on any directory or bookmarking websites please check domain authority(da pa checker) of that website. There are may tools for domain authority checker but I’ll recommend you to use MOZ (SEO) extension on your browser to check domain authority or page authority aslo. Another tool that I want to recomend you is Ahref. Ahref is great tool that for SEO Purpose, it’s backlink checker tool is free, so you can check backlink of any website and Domain authority as well.

This link building helps in increasing the website visibility and also engages the user in the website which decreases the bounce rate and increases the reputation of the website.

4. Social Networking

Smart and attractive campaigning in the Social Networking sites will bring increase the number of visitors to your website and because of this, the ranking will definitely improve.

There are various sorts of social networking websites which will help you to get the number of visitors:

5. Submit URL/ Website Blog to search engine and Directories

There are various directory based websites on the internet which allows you to add your website links to increase the backlinks to the websites. Directory submission is one of the off page SEO technique, for this, you need to select the best directory to submit your website details, like name, link and description of your website. And don’t forgot to use domain authority checker, backlink checker tools.

If you keep doing this regularly your page rank will increase and helps you to get more traffic from google search engine, this link building will increase your domain authority and page ranking in google.

Some famous directories are – generaldirectorylistings.org, linkresell.com.

6. Analyse your website

There are various tools available on the internet to analyze your website on SEO prospect. You need to ensure that your site is running accurately without any error, all the existing webpages are quickly accessible and not very heavy to load. Search engines take the errors in a website very seriously and it can result in low visibility of the website in searches which will affect the traffic and reputation of the website and hence the Alexa ranking also will go down.

To analyze the website you can use the audit tool on Alexa.com. Try it once and find out the serious errors and other technical issues that you can correct to improve your Alexa ranking.

7. Install Alexa Toolbar (Alexa app)

Alexa toolbar is the Extension or Plugin that you can add in your web browser and keep track information like website rank, load time, wayback machne and site linked in.

Alexa Toolbar Example:

Site: CodeRepublics.com

Alexa Traffic Rank: 2,784,621. This means that the site is ranked 2,784,621 in traffic ranking compared to every website that alexa tracks.

Traffic Rank is Country : It show how popular the website in the Country.

Sites Linking In: 2 websites have outbound links to CodeRepublics.

Wayback Machine: Alexa is able to show you what the layout of the website looked in the past with screenshots.

Related Links: Other websites that have similar content to CodeRepublics.

Load Time: It checks how many websites are faster then Alexa in %.

Check your website speed test or page speed test regularly if you are changing your content on daily basis or using too much JavaScript on your website. You should use tools tools like Google Page Speed (pagespeed insights), gmetrix or Pingdom. These seo tools also provide tools like website seo checker and suggest you how to optimize or solve perticular problem and make your website good on Alexa ranking and Gooogle as well.

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