Without any doubt, Facebook videos play an essential role in successful marketing strategies. Video has become massively significant on all platforms and channels. Facebook video marketing is in rage. Mostly every brand uses video to grow an audience. From Stories, live videos, and Facebook 360 videos, there are multiple ways through which video marketing can help you increase your reach, results, and revenue. Let’s explore the best tips for Facebook video marketing.

Guide to Facebook Video Marketing

1. Keep the videos short and engaging

Keep the videos short. After an interval of a minute and a half, there is a drastic decrease in the engagement levels. However, there are certain exceptions. If you feel that the audience will find it worthy of watching the video, then you can exceed the time limit.

2. Stay on the topic

Well, you need to keep your audience hooked. First impressions matter the most, hence ensure that you stay on point, at least in the beginning. The first few seconds of your video advertisement can make or break it.

If your video ad is going to be longer than fifteen seconds, then it is better to ensure that the introduction is precise and brief. This will also leave the audience craving for more.

3. Give people a reason to watch the video

When posting videos on Facebook, ensure that you add text with it. Through the additional text, you can let your audience know why they should watch the video. Since you have limited time to grasp your viewers’ attention, ensure that the title or first sentence is attractive.

4. Create video thumbnails to boost views

Thumbnail of the Facebook video is similar to the cover of a book. It helps in selling your video ad to the prospective audience. An alluring, engaging thumbnail will make Facebook users more likely to watch your video.

5. Vertical video makes a difference

It isn’t difficult to make videos on Landscape, Square, or Portrait Modes. However, when making videos for Facebook, you may be confused about which video format to choose. When it comes to statistics, nine out of ten Facebook users access Facebook using their phones. Around 75 percent of the Facebook user-base uses just mobile to access Facebook. Vertical videos give the best performance on Facebook as they are mobile-friendly.

6. Add a cover video on the Facebook page

You can add a video to the cover of your Business’s Facebook page. This will help introduce your brand. You can also use it to display your latest products or services and promotion of events.

7. Use closed captions

According to research, 85 percent of Facebook videos are played without sound. Hence, it is better to add captions. Moreover, this will also help the hearing-impaired community understand the video. When you caption the content, you take a move towards inclusiveness. 5% of the total world population suffers hearing loss. Moreover, Facebook users use closed captions for other reasons as well.

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