7 Basic Tips for Search Engine Optimization

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Search Engine Optimization is an important pillar of digital marketing alongside content marketing, PPC, and social media. Through SEO, you can improve your website’s organic ranking in Google’s search page result. This can help boost your website traffic and conversion.

Here are seven tips on optimizing your website for search engine as listed by the best digital marketing company in Los Angeles:

  • Do your keyword research.

Find out the keywords people are using to find the products you sell on Google and other search engines. You can use Google’s Adwords Keyword Research Tool to find out how many people are searching for specific terms.

  • Use a rich keyword domain.

Once you found what terms people are using to search your products, you can use this keyword to create a domain for your website. It is recommended that your website looks something like this: www.(yourkeyword).com.

  • Choose the right platform.

You can create your website however you like it. There are several platforms online that you can choose, such as Shopify, WordPress, and Magento. Shopify and Magento are best for e-commerce websites, while WordPress is perfect for static websites, service websites, and blogs.

  • Install SEO plugins.

There are several SEO plugins you can use depending on your chosen website platform. These plugins can help you properly optimize your website.

  • Write quality content.

Quality content helps you boost your website’s ranking and generate traffic. So make sure to write quality content for your web pages. Remember to create content for your readers, not for search engines. Google and other search engines love content that is user-intent.

  • Use social media.

You can use social media to help boost your content. Cross-promote the marketing content you create on your website on your social media channels, especially Facebook and Twitter. This will not only improve boost SEO but also help increase your traffic.

  • Create backlinks.

Quality backlinks help boosts your ranking on Google. They are one of the important factors that Google consider when ranking website on their search results.

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