6 Software to Aid Your Social Media Marketing

A successful marketing strategy depends on research and planning just as much as it depends on execution and analysis. In particular, managing social media marketing can be a time consuming task if you aren’t careful, especially if you are managing multiple social accounts. 

Luckily, there numerous software options which can help you to schedule your posts, run competitions, track statistics and analyze performance in one place – even across several different platforms. 

Here are 6 examples of the best social media marketing software you could be using to boost your business. The best part? They all offer free versions.

  • Buffer

Buffer is one of the most well-established social media management tools out there, and it enables you to manage several different social profiles easily and efficiently. When you’re browsing the internet and find content that you would like to share on your social media channels, Buffer will enable you to schedule this easily. 

It will also analyze and suggest the best time and days to post your content based on what it deems will be most effective for your audience. Buffer is available as a free or a paid platform depending on the size of your organization and your needs. 

The free plan enables you to manage 3 social media accounts, schedule up to 10 posts, use browser extensions, image creator and GIF uploader and to shorten URL links in posts.

  • Hootsuite

Like Buffer, Hootsuite is one of the most popular social media marketing tools and will also enable you to schedule posts ahead of time but the free version includes 30 posts rather than 10. You can manage 3 accounts as you can with Buffer, and you can also run social competitions which can be useful in lead generation. The free plan from Hootsuite includes analytics so you can monitor your key statistics.

It’s clear that there are many similarities between Hootsuite and Buffer. If you are unsure about the best social media software for your business, a software reseller may be able to advise you on the best social media software for your business and could even deliver significant savings.

  • TweetDeck

TweetDeck is focused on Twitter, so if much of your social media strategy takes place on Twitter, this could be the ideal solution for you. You can create customized timelines and Twitter lists and can add multiple accounts for different, brands, teams or departments. Live conversations on Twitter can be difficult to manage, but TweetDeck can make this much easier.

  • Followerwonk

Unlike Hootsuite and Buffer, Followerwonk is not a great choice if scheduling posts is important, but it can be effective in terms of getting to know your social audience. You can explore and compare the Twitter bios and accounts of your followers to identify potential influencers in your industry. 

You can also look at their location and which other accounts they follow and how they interact with competitors. This enables you to target your content more accurately and closely monitor which followers you gain or lose after certain content is posted. Many businesses focus on the number of followers they have when actually the number is not really what matters. 

You can have millions of followers but if they are not engaging with your brand then they will not benefit your business. The Followerwonk free platform enables you to see your authority, followers and locations for one social media account.

  • Zoho Social

Zoho Social includes a lot of the same functionality as other social media management software such as scheduling posts and managing multiple accounts from a single dashboard. However, Zoho Social will also enable you to collaborate with colleagues, research keywords and has Facebook lead ads, a SocialShare browser plug in, reporting functionality and CRM software integration. 

Zoho Social is a popular choice for agencies and businesses as there are several plans to choose from, but the free plan enables you to manage one brand. 

  • Friends+Me

Friends+Me was designed primarily for use with Google Plus but also supports several other platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and LinkedIn. The free plan enables you to schedule five posts in a queue, to shorten links, Zapier integration and several browser extensions. Paid plans also include support for Instagram and Pinterest. Another plus is that the Friends+Me platform is beautifully designed and user friendly.

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