6 Positive Effects of Social Media Marketing on Your Business

Social media has become a powerful platform for marketing due to the high brand exposure and great return on investment. When more than 3 billion people are browsing social media content, it opens an infinite opportunity for brands and business to promote products and services using social media.

Social media marketing has positive effects on your business. It offers an opportunity for the public to find you on social media.

The biggest effect of social media marketing is that you can reach to your targeted audience, stay engaged with them and respond to their queries quickly. Social media is a great way to evaluate your competition by monitoring their social media pages.

Here are 6 Positive Effects of Social Media Marketing on Your Business

1. Effect On Website Traffic

Many people are spending a considerable amount of time on social media.

By 2019, it is around the globe, up from 2.46 billion in 2017.

This makes it a perfect medium to drive traffic to your website. Social media when done right has great potential to become a major source of traffic to your website.

Social media supports various formats, hence when you are sharing text, images, videos, podcasts, etc. you can draw in more audience  to your website. Social media is a great medium where the posts can be easily shared thereby allowing your brand to reach to multiple users, in different locations across different time zones.

The key here is that social media directly impacts the traffic that comes to your website.

2. Effect On Brand Awareness

Social media offers immense opportunities for brands to come out with their creativity in crafting social media campaigns and promotions. ItÔÇÖs a platform for most of the brands to engage their audience and to capture their attention in an effort to improve brand awareness.

Building brand awareness requires dedicated efforts over a long period of time where you need to constantly prove to your customers that they can lay their trust on your brand.

Being visible on many social media platforms will help you to connect with more social media audience and offer you the initial foothold. Content that you produce can create the image of an expert. Make sure to enrich your articles with educational content, creative infographics, informative charts and impressive pictures. Educational content helps to position your brand as an authority.

When you focus on teaching and not selling on social media, your brand awareness will grow multiple folds.

3. Effect On Brand Loyalty

All marketers agree that their most ideal customer is one who is a loyal customer since we all know that keeping customers is more cost-effective and efficient than finding new ones.

Brand loyalty is an action where consumers prefer to purchase one brandÔÇÖs products over another. Brand loyalty develops when a company fosters a trusting relationship. Brand loyalty is extremely important to any businesses as it leads to repeated buying by consumers, which leads to higher revenues and customer referrals.

Brands need to leverage the power of social media to build loyalty by building connections with prospects and customers. Cultivate audience on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many other social media platforms. This helps create a fan base of loyal customers and brand followers who will purchase your products and carry your brand on their shoulders as a brand ambassador.

According to a research.

Brand loyalty can be built by offering excellent customer service over social media. Be quick to resolve queries and complaints that have been posted on social media. Share the experiences of customers on social media which helps to gain trust from social media audience.

4. Effect On Customer Service

HavenÔÇÖt we seen customers posting their queries and complaints on Facebook and Twitter?  

Social media has changed the face of customer service. Customers today, prefer to post on social media rather than talking to call center executives. They would rather share their problems faced relating to the product on social media, with an intention to gain immediate action from the brand.

Brands wonÔÇÖt dare to hamper their brand image on social media and hence will dive into the solution mode.  This will not just help the customers; it also demonstrates how responsive the brands are towards their customer complaints.

This brand action creates a positive impact on the social media audience by depicting that you take care of the customers on real-time basis and that you are very proactive.

5. Effects On Competition

Social media is changing the nature of competition. With social media marketing, you seem to be competing with everyone on real-time. 

You cannot ignore the presence of brands on social media. For example Facebook is a heavily crowded marketplace, but you have no other option than to become part of it, because odds are high that your competition is also there on Facebook.

Competition drives most of the brands to perform higher on social media. You can easily check your competitors actions, the campaign they launched recently, posts are they are floating, best performing posts, and so on.

For example, is a social media management tool that offers a feature ÔÇÿYour competitors’ best postsÔÇÖ which allows you to see at a glance the best performing posts of your competitors.

Your competitors might already be ahead of you in building a strong social media brand presence and there are high chances that they are investing their time and efforts to build a positive online social presence to gain business.

When you donÔÇÖt have a social media brand presence, you are automatically passing on the advantage to your competitors. Not having a social media brand presence will deprive you of all the benefits of social media.

6. Effects On Sales

Social media offers an opportunity for brands to increase conversions due to the interaction that they have with customers.

This data makes social media marketing critical for all brands, whether big or small, and for those who are who are trying to increase sales.

When a brand chooses a proactive social media marketing approach, it will strengthen its marketing strategy. You should learn how to engage and inform your social media audience about your products so that ultimately they will buy. Many brands have already embedded the ÔÇÿBuyÔÇÖ button on their sites so as to take the social media interactions up to sales.

A high percentage, as high as 90%, of marketers claim that social media has huge effect on their brand. Hence social media marketing has become a substantial portion of every marketing strategy.

The positive effects of social media marketing are so great that you will miss out on a phenomenal marketing opportunity if you fail to implement it.

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