6 Inspiring Wellness Brands & Their Social Media Marketing Success

Behind every health and wellness choice is fuelled by social media marketing.

Even  say so.

And when it comes to the most aggressive users of social media, the health and wellness industry takes the fifth spot.

What this means for all of us in the health and wellness club: the future is getting more and more social.

Brands and figures who will have the biggest impact in the future are those who can make a balanced life in mind, body and soul accessible (and engaging).

Luckily for some brands and icons, the future is now!

They are making a huge impact on social media, more than the other way around. Let’s take a look at these six brands/figures for inspiration and motivation. Together, we can learn from their style and level-up our own social media marketing strategy.

Facebook: 2,712,230 likes

Instagram: 810K followers

It’s not just Oprah Winfrey’s face (and her 10% stake in the company) that makes Weight Watchers well-loved on social media. Although her weight-loss story is truly an inspiration—it’s the brand’s empowering and emotionally-charged success stories that make every piece of content shared powerfully engaging.

As Lauren Salazar, Weight Watcher’s Integrated marketing leader puts it, their strategy is “one part theirs, two parts them,”.

“A large part of it is stuff that we are sourcing from our members. We have a lot of new stuff this year. Not just food—we are fitness and taking care of yourself,” Lauren reveals to one of .

Weight Watcher’s social media marketing strategy proves that being truly healthy is about being informed, inspired and motivated. They have built an empire by supporting and building a healthy community on social media.

Instagram: 2.3M followers

CrossFit is the fitness phenomenon that has taken the world by storm, especially the health, wellness, and fitness industry.

This has highlighted to the status of “elite fitness” has also forged a strong bond of followers on social media, from kids to oldies to different levels of athletes.

Meanwhile, their social media marketing style isn’t just about showing off strength and sculpted body. They share stories filled with encouragement and heart-wrenching drama from across their community.

Some of their best-engaged posts are motivational quotes and they engage just as hard as their workout posts.

Just like all fitness regimens, the heart of the program isn’t about competition, it’s about reaching one’s fitness, strength and health goals, with rest and relaxation just as much in the spotlight and getting equal engagement.

It’s safe to say that social media has largely contributed to their global success as they have been active on their social efforts since day 1.

As such, has always ranked high on the  (SBI®), which ranks brands based on engagement on social media.

Their average content insight score as of April 2018 is 9.6 out of 10 with an average engagement rate per day of 240.6K. 

Wowza… No that’s what I call engagement on steroids.

Instagram: 548K followers

The global leader in wearable fitness technology isn’t just about activity trackers and wristbands. It’s about making a healthy active lifestyle more fun and easier. Thus, every step is a milestone towards achieving health and fitness goals.

For millions of people, it’s been so much fun indeed that by 2022, it is expected that the wearable fitness technology market will increase its worth to over

The company’s social media marketing strategy is one of the driving factors for growth.

How do they do it?

They’ve focused on the experience.

In a , Allison Leahy, the director of community at Fitbit reveals customer experience is really paramount to everything they do.

“In social care our key practice revolves around fully resolving all customer inquiries, doing some of that broad social listening, providing customers with a little bit more delight from the brand, and giving customers a really fast support experience, ” Leahy shares.

Fitbit’s social media marketing strategy has always involved soliciting feedback from their users and product updates. The brand also showers their followers with fitness tips and health and wellness knowledge on Facebook. And, on Instagram, Fitbit encourages their community to share their journey, challenges, and milestones.

Tiny Buddha

Instagram: 193K followers

Lori Deschene started it all in 2009 with one wise quote on Twitter per day. But over the last 10 years, the quotes aren’t exactly all from Buddha himself but the tiny Buddha inside every people of all ages.

Since then hundreds to thousands of quotes have poured in from people sharing their happiness, purpose, passion and everything about living a life of peace and wisdom.

Today Tiny Buddha is an inspirational empire with bestseller books and popular ebooks and millions of social media followers.

How did founder Lori Deschene do it?

“When I first got on Twitter, my main goal was to do something meaningful with my online presence. I didn’t know what would come of it when I first start tweeting, but I knew I wanted to help people by making wisdom accessible,” Lori disclosed in a 2010 interview for .

Let’s just say she started social media with the right intention which was to “encourage readers to apply wisdom to their daily lives”.

So what makes her particular strategy very impressive?

She grew her Twitter account organically. People started retweeting quotes and sharing blog posts.

Indeed, her following could rival or beat larger health and wellness businesses. The rest of her social media marketing strategy was to share similar tactics with other successful brands and ultimately capitalize on community sharing.

“That’s what I hope Tiny Buddha has done: present practical ideas that are both soulful and down to earth. That’s what makes the strongest impact for me, and I suspect that’s true for others, as well”.

Instagram: 831K followers

In this age driven by holistic-health movement, who hasn’t heard of Deepak Chopra?

The man (author, doctor and public speaker) is a living legend in alternative medicine.

The as a “new age guru and booster of alternative medicine” whereas Time Magazine branded him as the “poet-prophet of alternative medicine”.

It also doesn’t hurt that he has built a thriving empire out of his spiritual thoughts and deep musings.

From books and apps to social media, Deepak Chopra is a well-respected, highly-followed figure, especially on Twitter with a whopping 3.34 million followers.

In Deepak Chopra revealed how he was able to deepen relationships using social media.

“People connect when there is an emotional exchange, not through facts. And by helping,” Chopra quips.

Chopra believes technology, especially social media is an “unstoppable force”. The best way to make the most out of it, like he does, is to harness it for good.

Instagram: 1.4M followers

The Internet’s Pilates Princess started as a one-woman show on Youtube.

Now, she has her own Blogilates team running every social media channel with over 10 million subscribers and followers combined.

Her social media marketing success gave birth to other health and wellness ventures. That includes a brand-new workout program and her own beautifully designed activewear BodyPop collection among others.

Still, after such massive success, she remains grounded, even on social media. In an article for , she shares some of her recipe for social success.

Basically, beyond sharing fitness plans, her workout style and yes, even gorgeous recipes on Instagram, every piece of content needs to have a purpose.

“Every time I post any content, I’m always mindful that it should be something that helps somebody. My content has never been vanity-driven.”

Clearly, she’s not just an overnight social media influencer. She has become a fitness icon not just in Pop Pilates but a source of inspiration for every woman who wants to be fit, healthy and beautiful inside and out.

The Social Media Marketing Success Recipe

Based on our featured health and wellness brands, it’s clear that the most common strategy for social success is always about helping others.

After all, that’s what the health, wellness, and fitness industry is all about. Through inspiration, awareness, and motivation that connects us with ourselves and the community, we can achieve our healthiest best selves.

And if you need help with what to post on social media, head on over to our gallery of beautiful , select the ones you want to download and share on your social media pages to start sparking engagement with your followers.

But don’t just stop there. Get organized and have your social media marketing set to autopilot by using SocialOmm to not only plan all your content posting time but to also find awesome trending content in your niche to share with your community to get them engaged.

If you know of other wellness brands that we could feature in upcoming articles then feel free to leave your comments below and we’ll add it to the pipeline.

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