5 Ways to Use Call to Action in Your Infographic to Increase Sales and Audience Engagement

In this short video tutorial, you’ll learn how to use one tiny yet critical detail in your infographics — the call to action.

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Examples of Call to Action in Infographics

Example #1:
If you’re a nonprofit, a call to action can be something like, “Donate to our cause today by
visiting our website or calling us at these numbers.

Example #2:
If you’re using your infographic as an advertisement for your services, a call to action
example would be “Schedule a free consultation by sending us a quick message on
Facebook or via email.”

Example #3:
Better yet, why not advertise your business or services by giving people a taste of what
you have to offer?

Example #4:
A call to action doesn’t just have to be a direct order to follow, like, or donate. It can be
anything that gives people the tools to act on what they’ve learned from your infographic.

Example #5:
Lastly, your infographic could be peppered throughout with call-to-action statements.


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