5 Ways to Impress Your SEO Agency’s Clients – AllTopStartups

Satisfied clients are key to the success of any ambitious SEO agency, yet connecting the dots and achieving this is easier said than done.

With that in mind, here are a few tips for turning heads and impressing clients that you can put into practice in your own agency.

Use reports effectively

Reporting can be the most impactful way to wow SEO clients since rather than just claiming that your efforts are making a difference, you can prove it with tangible stats.

Of course, it is important to remember that clients will not necessarily be search experts themselves, so using SEO reporting software for your clients which translates data clearly and accurately to make it more digestible and comprehensible must be a priority. Graphs, charts and other visual representations of information will help immensely in this respect.

Stay in touch

After negotiating a proposal and securing the contract to provide services to a client, it is important to remember that you can maintain a better relationship in the long term, and ideally ensure that they stay loyal to your agency, by keeping them in the loop through frequent communication.

You do not need to let them know about every little step you take to boost the search visibility of their brand, but weekly update emails and monthly progress calls can make a big difference.

Explain your approach

It is not enough to touch base with clients to let them know what steps you have taken and milestones you have crossed; you can really impress them by talking about the types of strategies you are implementing and explaining the relevance they have to SEO.

This is not just about earning the respect of clients, but also introducing them to the best practices which will allow them to shoulder some of the burdens for guaranteeing good SEO, and also steering them around common mistakes in this area which might otherwise work against your own initiatives.

Get feedback and act on it

Further to establishing an open line of communication which you use frequently to check in with clients, you will also need to be receptive to any feedback they have, as failing to listen to queries, concerns or qualms could make your agency seem like it is not attuned to the unique needs of the organizations it works with.

You can do this in both a passive and proactive way, and using client surveys is a sensible option, in addition to asking them outright to let you know if they have problems to raise so that you can formulate a suitable response.

Aim for honesty

If you promise clients the moon and the stars, then fail to deliver, you will be harming the reputation of your agency and eroding any trust you might have built up.

Instead, be honest about what you expect to achieve and use these realistic expectations to generate satisfaction, and client loyalty will come along in due course when you surpass your original goals.

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