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With each passing day, video is changing the marketing landscape. According to Forbes, 75% of business executives watch work-related videos at least weekly. Merely using the word “video” in an email subject line boosts open rates by 19% and increases click-through rates by 65%.

So, how do we better leverage the power of video? Here are five tips to use video more effectively for your business:

Video is taking marketing by storm

1. Give it a Catchy Title
People are busy, and have to choose where they put their attention. This means you have to stand out. Give potential customers a reason to click by making it clear exactly what they will gain by doing so. Even if the title in question is the subject line of an email, people need a compelling reason to open it.

2. Show They can Trust You
People watch your videos to determine if your business is trustworthy. To demonstrate reliability, show them a video testimonial or a video business card of you or your employees. These can be a great tool to offer a better understanding of you and your business, plus the value you offer the community. Use them on your website to show visitors who you are, or include a video in relevant emails.

3. Explain What You Have to Offer
If your business offers more than one product or service, it might be difficult to explain in just a few words. Use video to show what you have to offer. Customers who watch videos of a product or service are 64% more likely to buy it.

4. Offer next steps
If a potential customer is watching your video, make sure they know where to go next. If you aren’t sure what to suggest, ask yourself what your goals are for this content. You may want viewers to visit your website, contact you, or visit your business. Whatever your objective, offer a simple Call to Action.

5. Use It!
Now that your video is primed and ready, make good use of it! Put it in places that will help your marketing efforts the most, whether that’s in emails, blog posts, on your website, or on your social media channels. See this example below for how video marketing materials can be used in different areas.

Use these tips to get the most out of your marketing efforts. While the power of video by itself is astounding, don’t forget that you need to get your video out there, and use these tips to make sure your video attracts customers as effectively as possible. If you’re in the market for a professional video production team, click below to find out what Media272 can do for you.


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