5 Things to Do to Increase SEO Rankings In 2021 – One By Four Magazine

Search engine optimization always was and always will be vital for the success of any website. It is really important to use modern strategies and stay up-to-date with industry changes so that you can get the traffic your business needs to make a good profit.

The big problem with SEO is that it just keeps changing as time passes. This is why Blogging Tub highlights the following vital things for better 2021 rankings.

Perform An SEO Audit

This should be done periodically. The SEO audit helps to identify a website’s weaknesses and strengths. A very big part of optimization is about making some strategic improvements to those areas that are week while you focus on strengths.

The SEO audit includes analyzing existing content, information architecture, and site structure. Do it to identify those content areas that need your attention with the purpose of developing an effective strategic plan to improve.

Improve Navigation

The website’s navigation structure is pivotal for the success of a website in search engines. This is especially important in 2021 because more and more mobile devices are used to navigate the internet. If you cannot offer a positive UX (user experience), Google will see it as a sign that your website is not delivering proper quality. As a result, you will get lower rankings.

Always carefully analyze your bounce rate and how much time visitors spend on the website. When the numbers are not right, it might be due to the fact that your navigation is bad.

Fix All Duplicate Content Problems

Having duplicate content is no longer a reason for an instant Google Penalty and it does not maintain low spam score. However, having duplicate content on your website is a very bad idea since it will lead to lower SERP rankings than what would be possible with unique content.

It is practically impossible to rank high in search engines with the use of duplicate content. Unfortunately, in so many cases, duplicate content appears on a website without the owner knowing about it. There are some technical things that can lead to it. This is why you absolutely need to perform proper technical SEO audits.

Optimize Websites For Mobile Users

Because of the fact that over half of the web traffic that reaches websites these days sees the visitor using a mobile device, mobile optimization is vital. Google actually penalizes websites that are not properly optimized for the mobile users. It has been doing it since 2015 but in 2021, it will be even more important. This is because we reached a level at which smartphone traffic cannot be ignored.

Make Your Site Fast

Starting around May 2021, Google will actively prioritize websites that are fast. This is normal since when a page takes too long to load, consumers become frustrated and leave. Once again, you have to improve your bounce rates if you expect to improve rankings. You cannot do this if you do not improve website loading speed. Consider the following factors that directly impact loading times:

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