5 Social Media Marketing Tactics That’ll Improve Your Conversion Rate

Social media is one of the most powerful lead generation tools available today. Problem is, time and effort on social media doesn’t always translate into leads, customers or sales.

But given the fact that content marketing costs 62% less than outbound marketing and generates three times as many leads, it’s time to turn that effort into results.

If you’re frustrated that your social media content isn’t converting, listen in to the latest episode of the Brand Authority Podcast.

Tune in as I talk about the real reason why your social media content isn’t converting, and 5 marketing tactics to fix it.

5 Social Media Marketing Tactics That’ll Improve Your Conversion Rates

Highlights From Episode 18

  1. Differentiate Your Personal Brand

If you don’t know what sets your brand apart from the competition, how do you expect your audience to get it? Social media is a way for you to express what makes you unique. And before you push back on this idea, think about it like this.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, small business owner or marketing manager, you’re a reflection of the company. And in a crowded online world, positioning your personal brand as an expert and authority in your field is only going to help… not hurt company visibility.

This is what people like Arianna Huffington, Steve Jobs, and Richard Branson did for The Huffington Post, Apple, and The Virgin Group. Each represented themselves as well as the brand, extending trust from one to the next.

Introducing @Virgin @HyperloopOne – the world’s most revolutionary train service https://t.co/aac70ry2oF pic.twitter.com/roC5Ay8RpF

— Richard Branson (@richardbranson) October 12, 2017

You can do the same. And once you do, creating content that resonates with your audience will become infinitely easier. Instead of shooting in the dark, your audience tells you what they’re looking for.

You give them a reason to rally around you and enthusiastically share your product or service.

Not sure how to make this happen? Schedule a time for a one-on-one call and I’ll walk you through my proven social selling process.

  2. Answer The “What’s In It For Me?” Question

Consumers don’t have time to look at your content for hours or even minutes. They’re moving at a lightning pace and have mere seconds to research, interact, and decide what company they’ll connect with.

Source: Neil Patel

That’s why it’s critical to find a way to capture their attention right off the bat. To do this effectively, you need to answer their WIIFM (what’s in it for me) question.

First, get clear on what problem you’re solving, and how you uniquely create a positive outcome for your audience.

Next, make sure to incorporate your answer into every piece of content, including your online conversations.

And finally, ensure that all of your posts and daily interactions are straightforward with a clear call to action.

Don’t leave your potential customer guessing what your company is all about – they may guess wrong.

  3. Spark Creativity

If your social media content is boring and lifeless, your traffic, leads, and sales will suffer.

Get creative and make every piece of content scream YOU!

Source: Happier

When you add creativity and originality into the mix, you give insight to your audience into:

  • Who you are
  • How you help
  • Why you do what you do

People don’t want to do business with a stranger, especially one that’s unappealing and boring to them. They want to connect with people they know, like, and trust.

Create content that’s both creatively appealing, and speaks the language of your audience. Creativity will help add a new level of personality and make your content uniquely yours!

  4. Educate Your Audience

The purpose of social media should never be to simply spam your feed with promotional content.

Talk about things that matter most to your audience while creating intrigue and awareness through conversation.

Not sure what to talk about?

Ask yourself: is there a question that your customers ask over and over again? Find a way to answer it.

Ever feel like you never have enough time for all the important #SocialMedia tasks?

In this post, I share my productivity tip along with 8 social media experts:@MariSmith@MarshaCollier@dennisyu@kimgarst@neilpatel@lisabuyer@mike_allton@larrykimhttps://t.co/MCfiyy6Qkl pic.twitter.com/2fJTMDqUAI

— Rebekah Radice (@RebekahRadice) August 13, 2018

You can turn that into a new blog article, a quick tip, podcast, or a short video tutorial.

  5. Don’t Be Slow to Respond or Follow Up

The easiest way to lose a lead is to take a lot of time to respond.

Just think about it: your potential customer has taken the time to reach out to you with a problem or question. If you don’t respond in a timely manner, you’re disrespecting (and possibly upsetting) them.

Source: Cooler Insights

Put a plan in place to quickly address their questions and a system for follow up after their initial contact.

A system will create consistency, and help you build trust and stay top-of-mind.

And remember… never let a lead drop off your radar. By doing that you’re leaving a potential customer’s decision up to chance.

Instead, feed your lead additional details and encourage them to move forward with you. Your follow up may come in the form of a phone call, tweet, email, face-to-face meeting, or any appropriate way of communication.

But always, always, always – circle back around.

  Final Thoughts

Content is a great way to communicate your thoughts and ideas. But not all content is created equal.

Design content with your audience and their journey in mind. What will it take to create awareness, nurture that relationships, and move them into activation?

What do they need to know to make an educated decision?

Focus on creating content that hits each aspect of the marketing funnel. Inspire them, encourage them, engage them.

Give them every reason (and then some) to take that next step with your business.

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