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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a gift that keeps on giving if you get it right. We scouted some SEO methods that work for real so you don’t have to sweat it out. Here are 5 SEO hacks to rank high on google in 2020.

SEO Hacks 2020:

In one of earlier posts, our in-house marketing expert, Reetam Das, told us how important it was to rank zero on Google/search engines in 2020 and that has become our holy grail. Today, we are giving away some of our SEO secrets that can help your business get discovered easily on Google.

According to this interesting SERP design article by digitalsynopsis, the organic domain that ranks first on Google gets 32.5% of overall clicks traffic, the second one gets 17.5% and the seventh one gets just 3.5% clicks!

It’s safe to say if you’re not on page 1, you will barely get discovered.

So how do you really go about it? We’ll quickly take you through 5 SEO hacks that will help you rank on the first page of Google and if you do it right, even rank zero! Assuming that you have all your basic SEO set up, these are some additional hacks you can implement easily to boost your search rankings.

We don’t mean stuff it with each and every link possible. Use strategy to design your footer.

Follow this checklist to create the perfect footer:

Things not to do:

2. Add Jump-to/page jump sections to blogs

Long articles allow you to implement all the SEO basics and can boost your discoverability significantly. You can write a 3000-word article but how do you get people to read it without losing focus or attention? Simple! Add a jump-to section.

A jump-to section allows you to create a click-able index on your blog. Once someone clicks on it, the reader is taken to that particular section in the blog. What’s more? It allows you to create interlinks within your blog/website and lead the reader intuitively.

Below is a great example.

If you’re using a WordPress website, doing this is really easy. Check out this detailed article on how to add page jump section to your blog. If your website is not hosted on WordPress, you can just use this simple HTML guide on adding page jumps.

If you don’t want to do this, you can also follow a similar text-only index approach on your articles. List out the headers of your blog in the first or second section to help search engines immediately understand what the blog is about.

3. Apply rich-snippets for better clicks

Google’s search page is always evolving. A typical search page currently (at the time of composing this blog) looks like this:

Adding rich snippets to your website or blog can help get you found and increase your content’s click-through rate significantly. Rich-snippets give you that extra real estate to show how much you can offer and Google loves it when you add value for people searching online.

Rich snippets come in various forms and you can choose what suits best for your business. Here are some recommendations by Google. You can also check what each snippet looks like in the gallery.

Here’s a great guide on how to add rich snippets to your website or blog. There are plugins available for WordPress that get the job done quickly. For anything else, you can check the HTML code.

4. Use social media for keyword research

We can’t emphasise enough on how important building a brand presence on social media is. This doesn’t just give you an identity on the internet but also helps with SEO rankings more than you can imagine. Some quick things to do for keyword research on social media are:

5. The secret to nailing SEO


SEO may be technical but deep down, it is all about breathable, human content.

No amount of hacks or tricks can help you if you don’t offer value or create quality content on the internet. Value and quality can be subjective in nature.

When thinking about quality, just ask yourself one question – “Will I find answers to my questions on this landing page or blog?” – and then proceed towards structuring the content.

Want to understand how to go about creating a quality strategy for your content? Read our basic guide to content marketing to start implementing this immediately.

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