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As a business owner, it’s understandable if you have doubts about email marketing.

Considering social media’s popularity, it’s natural to think that social media is the best platform to market your product or service and reach out to potential customers.

You can’t be blamed if you’ve ever thought that email is dead.

So why still bother with email marketing?

Everyone Has An Email Address

What we tend to forget is that every person who signs up to a social media account possesses an active email address.

Think about it. Don’t you have to enter your email address to sign up on Facebook or Instagram? And once you’ve signed up, you’d have to check your email to “confirm your email address”.

You may argue that people don’t check their email other than for this purpose. But the point is that they do go into their inbox when prompted.

Same goes for online shopping or simply subscribing to a magazine newsletter of interest. People do check their inboxes if the action is important to them.

The fact is that there are compared to 1.7 billion Facebook users. In a professional setting, we’d rather give out our email addresses than our Instagram handles to a new acquaintance. We would also feel reluctant to accept random strangers as friends on Facebook. But we’re more willing to provide strangers with our email address as the first point of contact.

What started out as just a simple communication tool has now evolved into a versatile and convenient platform for various purposes including marketing.

The act of broadcasting messages to potential or current customers to increase conversion rate has now included email marketing.

The best part is that it works.

while only 20% made a purchase when they see a marketing material on Facebook. This shows that email marketing is still relevant and powerful.

Send Messages with a Personal Touch

Effective marketing is all about building trust with consumers. It’s about talking to your consumers as though they’re the only ones who matter.

Unlike typical online advertisements, email marketing has the advantage to be direct and personal. Direct messages add personality and privacy that timeline posts may not be able to do.

Sure, you could slide into an Instagram profile’s DM to directly communicate with your follower. But it’s inconvenient and time-consuming for a marketer, as you can only do so one profile at a time.

With email, however, you can blast out your message to all your contacts while still keeping that personal touch. And with the right email marketing tools, you can segregate your contact list for better and more specific targeting.

You Own Your List

“Once you build an audience (of email subscribers), anything is possible” —

The email addresses you’ve collected from various leads belong to you. This is unlike social media where subscribers list is subject to change.

Imagine if Instagram shuts down one day. You’ll lose all your followers list and you have no way to contact them again.

With an email list, you’ll no longer have to worry about tricky algorithms or spending ad money to reach your target audience.

Think about your email subscribers as your personal friends whom you would not have to worry about losing unless for some reason they unsubscribe. In that case, you’d need to improve your content!

The bottom line is that you feel secure about your list that the only thing you need to worry about is communicating with the people on the list.

Track Open & Click Rates

By using an email marketing tool, you can measure and track subscribers who a) read your email (open rate), and b) click the links in your email that leads to a landing or sales page (click-through rate).

Open rates tell whether your email strategy is working. It can also mean that your subject line is attractive enough that your subscriber feels compelled to open your email.

Click-through rate or simply click rate tells whether the content of your email is relevant enough for your audience to click through to find out more information. A high click rate could mean that your audience find your content or offer interesting.

Although the percentage may seem low, it shows that email is not dead and that subscribers do pay attention to emails. Furthermore, this data usually differs from one business to another and it’s merely a guide for you to improve on your content.

High Conversion Rate

The end goal of typically every business is to increase conversion rate and get sales.

If you’re still skeptical about email marketing and not using it as part of your marketing strategy, then you’re simply missing out on potential business opportunities.

A study showed that people who buy products marketed through email than those who did not receive any email offers.

This highlights the effectiveness of email marketing as a potential to seal a business deal, which is mainly attributed to its direct and personalised nature.

So will you start utilising email marketing now that you know your whys?

If you already have a list of subscribers, you can start writing your email and hit that ‘send’ button.

But if you want to know how to automate the process or how to write in a way that’s meaningful for your audience, stay tuned to our upcoming posts or simply contact us directly!

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