5 Quick SEO Hacks for Your WordPress Website

According to a report by Business2Community, the top 3 results in search engine get 60% of the organic clicks. The SEO leads have a closure rate of 14.6% (Search Engine Journal), both these stats highlight the importance of search engine optimization for your website.
SEO is very important aspect to make your website easy for both users and search engine robots to understand. Without SEO your potential users will not be able to find you in search engine queries as you will be just buried beneath other pages of the results in Google.
Firstly if your website is on WordPress, install SEO by Yoast. Most of your SEO issues are solved via this free WordPress plugin.
In this article, we list 5 quick SEO hacks for your WordPress website. Follow these and you’ll instantly notice an improvement in your search engine visibility and ranking.

1. Keyword Optimization, Meta titles, description
Meta titles are your page titles and most important aspect of your SEO optimization. It is the first thing that will be seen by user in the search queries. Out of the 156 character limit for meta tags, only the first 35 characters will be seen in search queries.
Meta tag best practices include:
• A strong call to action making the reader read further
• A brief idea about the content
• Keywords should be used in meta tiles and meta description.
Meta description is displayed underneath your title, to get more click-throughs make it intriguing yet easy to understand. Include this SEO hack and you’ll reap visible results immediately.

2. Generate XML Sitemap and Add Your Site to Webmaster Tools
The site map will tell the search engine about what pages your website contains. It is a document that contains all information about your website pages with all the urls that are available for crawling.
For WordPress websites, Yoast plugin creates sitemaps. After generating your sitemap, add your site to Google Webmaster Tool. If you do not have a Google Webmaster Tools account, create a Google Account first and sign up for Webmaster Tools. To add this tool, go to Optimization > Sitemaps and submit your website’s sitemap.

3. Internal linking within your WordPress website
An internal linking is a connection linking all pages in a website. The search engine crawls your website for content and keywords and internal linking ensures that no page is left out during site indexing. For example, if you connected to your ‘Contact Us’ page inside of your ‘About us’ page, that would be an inward connection. It’s critical to utilize solid keywords as the linking content, instead of ‘read more’. Remove unwanted pages before adding your sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools and robots.txt.
Regular interlinking your website pages and blogs leads to a higher probability of search engines being able to find your website and place it at higher ranks.

4. Improve Page speed
Page speed is one of the factors Google uses to rank websites in search results, so the easiest and quickest way to fix your WordPress website’s SEO is by checking the page load speed and fixing it up. Tools such as PageSpeed tool on Google Developers show the page loading speed. It shows the factors slowing down your WordPress website.
Simply have to enter your website URL in it and click on “Analyze.” This will give you a full report of the speed of your website with some suggestions on how you can fix the bugs.
Quick SEO hacks to improve the page speed are:
• Choose a high quality hosting company
• Compress images
• Install a cache plugin

5. Addressing all 404 pages and 301 redirects
Every page on your site has a HTTP status code, which is seen via web indexing spiders when they crawl your website. A few status codes can adversely affect SEO, while some can guarantee your SEO positioning force stays in place.
Utilizing 301 sidetracks rather than 302 sidetracks is an unquestionable requirement – 301 sidetracks guarantee your connection link is gone between the diverted pages, as opposed to being lost in interpretation. In like manner, any long haul 404 pages ought to be diverted to extra inward pages with a 301 sidetrack to verify no positioning force is lost.

Search engine optimization is an ongoing process, so select an agency that provides monthly SEO maintenance for your WordPress website.

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