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Trust is one of the most vital aspects of business development in the long term. But to be honest, it’s not easy to build trust, especially for online businesses. Why? Because most customers would regularly evaluate products through your brand, reviews, or try to use them before purchasing. While, with the online business, it’s impossible to offer enough all these requirements to customers. In that case, videos become the best solution for them to deal with this situation. It conveys not only messages to users but also shows them how products look and work.

According to Wyzowl’s study, 93% of marketers agreed that using video helps customers understand products better. This article will reveal 4 video marketing tips to help your business easily gain customer trust through videos. Let’s dive deeper into each tip!

1. Showcase product features

In 4 video marketing tips, showcase product features is the first one we’d like to share with you.

In fact, online businesses can’t offer customers the opportunity to look at products carefully and in detail compared to traditional businesses. Writing content and providing images are not enough to clarify all features of products. Because lots of people believe that images can be edited over, in that case, creating a product video is a perfect answer for addressing this problem.

There’s no doubt that video showcase product features in action are ideal for demonstrating product quality. It allows customers to see products from all angles, imagine how exactly they work, and know what features they can take from them to use in real life. From that, the audience will have a clear understanding of products and increase product credibility.  

The research found that 54% of online visitors are more likely to see video content from marketers. Customers said that video is a helpful factor and plays an essential role in the decision-making process. So don’t skip this great benefit of video to satisfy your customers, increase their trust in your products, and gain more sales.

Moreover, this kind of video has a short duration with typically lower 3 minutes. You can use some styles to make this video: animation, motion graphics, or live-action videos.

Let’s take a look at video examples:

Apple Watch — All-New Watch Faces

2. Tell company/product stories

When talking about video marketing tips, tell company or product stories should be mentioned.

Typically, telling stories is one of the easiest ways to reach people’s hearts and minds. Creating this kind of video to share with customers when and why your company was established, your goals, missions, and difficulties you’ve faced while running the company. Or you can show them how your company works. Through it, the audience can determine your business, where you are from, exactly what you’re doing, and evaluate your professional. Hence, it will become easier to increase personal touch as well as gain customer trust. 

Not only that, but today making behind-the-scenes video is also a very popular trend. Many companies prefer to create this video type after launching a product to reveal the behind story. That gives customers a deep look into how the product was made, what materials were used, how long it took to be completed, or which struggles your company faced during the production process. 

In brief, these videos are a great way of making customers feel closer to your company and giving them a sense of authenticity, which is crucial to building trust.

Let’s explore some examples:

Brand Storytelling.tv | Kate Santore | The Sweet Pleasures of Coca-Cola's Storytelling

3. Make a testimonial video

Next, one of the strongest video marketing tips you could keep in your mind is testimonial videos.

When it comes to gaining customer trust with videos, testimonials are not to be missed. People regularly read reviews first and believe in other people’s experiences before buying products. Moreover, writing reviews in texts may be insufficient because anyone can write them, even customers could think that your team faked them. There’s no evidence or anything else to ensure the reliability of these reviews. Therefore, making testimonial videos is a perfect solution to resolve this problem and increase trust. Its efficiency is better than writing reviews only.

Compared to writing reviews, the difference between testimonial videos is that your business can invite loyal customers to express their experiences when using products. There are various ways to create this kind of video. You could do interviews with them or let them free to talk about what they are thinking and their stories. It is really good for building customer trust because they can identify with people who share the same background as well as concerns with them.

But be noted that everything you do must make sense of authenticity. Don’t use scripts and force interviewees to follow them. It will make the video seem unnatural. No one wants to watch a testimonial video with prepared answers. Be careful with this warning because it can cause some negative effects on your business, especially credibility. Furthermore, not all speakers can open up well, so you should give them some broad questions to help them express themselves better for this situation.

Below is the testimonial video example:

Customer Testimonial Video Examples | Video Marketing Ideas

4. Demonstrate brand’s expertise

Finally, demonstrates the brand’s expertise is the last tip we will show you in this article.

If your business can demonstrate your expertise, it’s easier to gain trust from customers. In particular, people tend to buy products from businesses that have good expertise in the industry. So you may wonder how to demonstrate it? Let’s publish videos of members who represent the company to receive valued awards or show them your achievements in the industry. That’s a smart way to win trust. 

Another way to do so is to share presentation videos of members of the company. The video should show that staff confidently speaking about valuable knowledge related to your working industry. Or point out new things occurring in it such as recent trends, innovations, new styles, etc. Therefore, customers can deeply know more about what’s happening in the industry and have vital information to ensure that your brand is trustworthy.

You can watch the following video to know how other companies do:

Top Technologies To Expect In 2020 | Trending Technologies In IT Industry 2020 | Simplilearn

Final thoughts

Above are all the valuable video marketing tips we’d like to share with you. We hope it’s helpful for your business, and you can take advantage of video effectively by using the right videos in your marketing strategies. Hence, your brand could easily gain customer trust. We also write more about E-commerce tips and Magento tutorials. Let’s visit us to get more useful information. Feel free to contact us if you have any confusion.

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