3 Video Marketing Tips for Your Family Entertainment Center

Video marketing is a great way to engage our audience. At a time when it might be more difficult to engage in person, video allows us to stay connected. 

In our complimentary guide, , we share that making a meaningful connection with our audience is the main goal of a successful marketing campaign. 

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3 Video Marketing Tips for Your Family Entertainment Center

Here are 3 video marketing tips and ideas you should employ when filming your next video.

1. Be Human, Be Relatable

Behind every family entertainment center, there is a team or family that’s running the whole show. Nowadays, consumers are surrounded by big business stores and their experiences have become increasingly impersonal and transactional.

Take this as an opportunity to stand out!

Using video in your marketing efforts is a fantastic way to showcase the people that run your facility. It allows you to introduce yourself and your team and make a connection with your audience before they even walk through your doors. 

Here are some ideas on videos you can create:

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2. Focus on Serving Your Customers

Your customers have questions and are probably wondering if your facility has certain features or the experience they’re looking for. Use video on platforms such as Facebook and answer your viewer’s questions in real time!

Customers will appreciate this kind of flexibility and your availability to answer their questions quickly and directly.

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3. Engage with Your Audience

A video challenge is a great way to get your customers engaged.

As an example, challenge customers to do a positive video review online of their experience at your facility and tell them to tag one of their friends that they know may want to visit your family entertainment center!

Most people will trust their peers more than a brand, so getting your audiences’ engagement is a key element in making your video marketing efforts a success and having it lead to increased business.


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