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Reading social media strategy is all well and good until you’re actually trying to get team members and patients involved. Participating in your practice’s social media has to be easy and it has to be fun.

(This post was originally published in July 2017. The topic is so critical that we’re bringing it back!)

In our regular checkups with our clients, we often ask them what they’ve found to be the hardest part of social media marketing. Without a doubt, the most common answer is along the lines of “getting team members to bring up our social media efforts with patients,” or “inviting patients to participate.” We understand! Snapping a pic with a patient or inviting a patient to leave a review can be awkward at first, especially for team members that aren’t especially outgoing.

These things get easier the more you do them, but kicking things off at the beginning takes some thought and planning. Basically, getting patients participating in your practice’s social media all comes down to this:

Let’s take a little closer look at what you can do today to progress towards these goals.

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Make It Easy

In a dental practice, you know that sticking to the schedule is critical, and that patients are also looking to return to their busy lives as soon as possible. So, make sure that any in-practice social media activity you plan for team members or patients takes two minutes or less.

For patients that don’t use social media often or aren’t familiar with how to use apps, sharing something on Facebook or writing a Google review can seem like a daunting task. Train all of your team members on how to explain to patients the easiest, simplest way to perform whatever social media task you choose. You could even have displays or cards on the front desk and in treatment rooms that explain visually how to Like your page on Facebook.

Make It Fun

Another way to phrase this might be to ask “what is the patient getting out of this for participating?” Little incentives go a long way. Whether they’re snapping a photo to support a good cause, Liking your page to get the doctor to perform a fun challenge, or writing a review for a chance to win a prize, make sure there’s something in it for the patient.

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Get Your Whole Team On Board

Getting patients to participate in social media is much more difficult when the first time they hear about it is from one person at the end of their appointment. The moment a patient walks in your door, it needs to be obvious that social media fun and sharing are big parts of your team culture.

Have posters, cards, and displays around the office promoting your social media pages and your latest campaign or giveaway. Make sure your team knows about the latest posts on your pages, and encourage them to bring them up with patients and visitors. Create and share posts that feature your team frequently, so when patients or prospective patients arrive, they already know that you’re a social practice.

It’s also crucial to train your team on your practice’s social media and HIPAA policies so they can confidently and comfortably invite patients to participate while protecting their privacy.

When Patients Participate, Your Practice Grows

Making it fun and easy for patients to share about your practice on social media is one of the best ways to create advocates your practice. When their friends and family members see what a great experience they had with you, it’s a powerful word-of-mouth recommendation that’s more effective than any ad you could create alone.

We at My Social Practice have spent years honing our tools to make sharing about your practice as easy and intuitive as possible for both patients and team members. Find out more about our practice campaigns, Photo Booth App and MSP Reviews service by requesting a free demo!

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