3 Things “Make Up or Break Up” Can Teach Us About Social Media Marketing | Tribu Digital Marketing Advertising firm in San Antonio, TX

I sat, absentmindedly scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed when something caught my eye. Make Up or Break Up.

Make Up or Break Up is A LIVE show where a couple in crisis asks the Facebook community whether or not they should stay together. Sidenote: if you haven’t seen it, pop open a bottle of wine, grab the popcorn and sit back. You can watch it .  

While video content online isn’t new, this concept of a live streaming television show had me thinking about the consumer shift away from television and towards online video and streaming. Gone are the days of spending six months on a commercial production and placing ad buys on television channels.

Web-based content is now viewed more frequently and at a higher volume than TV-based content. Today’s marketers must meet this change in demand with custom video content and live streaming if they want their brands to have a voice that stands out.

Below are three key takeaways from my findings, you can thank #MakeUp or #BreakUp.


Video content isn’t going anywhere and should be a major focus of your digital marketing strategy. In 2016, Facebook hit on its platform and that number continues to grow.  Companies like Facebook will continue to push TV video on their platforms as a way to drive ad revenue, meaning content consumption of videos will increase.


Did you know that share videos with others? This means that your content is now being seen by more people for less money because every time a user shares your post, it reaches their network and all it cost you was one click. In that way, you are exponentially increasing your organic reach. Your message is also being remembered. Viewers retain compared to 10% when reading it in text. That’s huge. Especially with so much noise online, it can be hard to break through the clutter, so let video do it for you.

In Facebook’s algorithm, live video actually gets preference over standard video, so your potential audience is inherently much higher. Facebook page is a new page with about 11,000 followers and three videos. Their videos combined have been viewed by over 655,000 people.

Now we can most likely assume there are advertising dollars behind those videos, but those ad dollars stretch a lot further when people are engaged. Facebook reports that people spend versus non-live videos. Higher engagement rates lower your overall cost and allow you to reach more users. That’s an ROI win.

Video content isn’t going anywhere and should be a major focus of your digital marketing strategy. Scared to jump in the video deep end alone? We can help. Contact Us!

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