3 Simple Ways to Success with SEO and Internet Marketing

Have you heard that SEO and Internet marketing is dead? I read that somewhere too and it’s not true!

Success with SEO and Internet marketing is very much alive and can be a powerful addition to your business.

In fact, I can’t imagine having an online business without using search engine optimization techniques.

Here’s why.

If you have a website, you need visitors, right? Here’s a factor that you should pay attention to: in 2012, 89 percent of consumers used Internet search engines to make purchasing decisions. Fast forward to the present and that number has grown!

So it makes sense that you would want your website to be one of those that are found in search results!

With a well-thought out search engine optimization plan, you can improve your SEO and Internet marketing results.

SEO may seem like a mystery at first. So today I have 3 simple ways to success with Internet marketing and SEO.

Getting Started with SEO and Internet Marketing

Are you missing out on huge amounts of traffic to your website? You may be!

Before I get into 3 simple ways to success, let’s review the definition of SEO (search engine optimization) and why it’s important to your online success.

I love Search Engine Land’s simple explanation: SEO is “It is the process of getting traffic from the “free,” “organic,” “editorial” or “natural” search results on search engines.

Check out this video to learn even more about search engine optimization.

What Is Search Engine Optimization / SEO

Now that you have a pretty good idea of the basic of search engine optimization, let’s cover these 3 tips to get you going.

SEO Tip 1 – Keyword Research

Have you done any keyword research lately? I’ve asked this question to many bloggers who don’t get traffic. The answer is always the same: NO.

If that sounds like you, you can get started with SEO keyword research at any time. You’re probably wondering why it’s important. No, actually, crucial to your Internet marketing success.

Here’s an example. Let’s say you write the best blog article ever that provides incredible value to your audience.

After you publish the article, you don’t get any visitors except those you invited via social media.

Hmmmm. Why is that?

Your article is not showing up in search results. When people search for questions and keyword phrases in Google search engine, the articles with the best match will appear in the results.

If your article is written around a keyword phrase or topic that no one is searching for, ever, then your blog post will never be found in those results.

See how that works?

With keyword research, you can get helpful insights about what real people are searching for. Then you can focus your blog post around that topic.

Check out this video where I explain some basics about keyword research:

With some well-thoughtout keyword research, you’ll have a better chance of using Internet marketing and SEO for success!

SEO Tip 2 – Content Structure

How are you structuring your content (blog post)? Google looks at many elements contained in your blog post. So….

If you are not including structured elements, Google may not get a clear understanding of what your article is about. In turn, your post won’t show up in search results.

Your content structure is a crucial part of SEO and Internet marketing. We already talked about the importance of keyword research. Once you know the topic on which to focus your article, the next step is to structure it in a way that is good for people and search engines.

For example, do you enjoy reading articles that are one or two huge blocks of text?

I don’t!

Instead, create a logical structure for your article that includes subheadings and small sized paragraphs.

Google looks at the subheadings and the words in those headings. So make sure they support your main title. You also help your reader by giving them logical sections to digest more easily.

Some other key elements to pay attention to are:

The basic elements of your actual blog post are.

To learn more about optimizing your blog content for SEO and Internet marketing, check out my free Alpha SEO webinar series!

SEO Tip 3 – Use and Optimize Images

Adding images to your blog post will:

While there are many ways to optimize your images, I’ll let you in on one crucial secret right now.

Rename your image!

That’s right. Your images usually have a weird name, depending on the source. For example, an image from your phone might be named “img0054678.jmg”. That name won’t do much for SEO and Internet marketing purposes or help any search engine.

If you rename the image to something that is aligned with the focus of your article, then you’ll have taken the first step to image optimization.

Learn more about optimization of images and blog content and much more in my new Alpha SEO course!

SEO and Internet marketing go hand in hand! Just by following a few SEO techniques, I’ve gotten thousands of customers and leads that allow me to truly earn while I sleep.

Have you used any of the aforementioned methods? What’s been your experience with SEO so far?

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