[2020] The Most Generous Guide on Ramadan Social Media Marketing & Trends: MENA Region.

Ramadan is the holiest month of the Islamic calendar that begins in April 2020.

It’s also one of the biggest marketing seasons around the world with its highest active core lying in the Middle East & Asia Pacific region.

Starting early will give you a head-start to better understand your target audience, formulate the right strategy and develop creatives that’ll appeal to them on a whole new level.  

What’s fascinating about this month is the generous display & practice of humane values such as compassion, charity and empathy.

While everyone strives to inculcate the spirit of Ramadan among themselves, marketers & brands get busy trying to capitalize on the advertising & promotion opportunities that the month provides.

The month brings about a complete change in the patterns of consumption, not just in terms of meals but media as well.

In order to help you understand the complete change in social media marketing during Ramadan, I’ve written this detailed article that’s split into 4 parts as follows:

It’s about time you plan & finalize your Ramadan marketing campaigns for social media before it’s too late, leaving you scurrying around for customers.

So, by the end of this generously-written article, you’ll be able to conceptualize & execute social media campaigns that fully capture the interest of your target audience.

Approach the month with a new mindset, the one that places the essence of the month at its core to guide all the ideas for your social media content.

Let’s deep-dive into each section.

1) Ramadan Social Media Consumption Changes

The behavior of consumers – both online & offline takes a dramatic turn almost a month before the start of Ramadan.

41% of people in the UAE increase spending during Ramadan, and Twitter reports that during Ramadan, 83% of consumers are open to trying new brands and products.

Research from YouGov shows that 53% spend more, 40% search for offers, and 49% of consumers prefer discounts during Ramadan.

In fact, searches for Ramadan are as high as those for  

This means detailed information needs to be accurate and quick to load.

This shift in behavior is shaped by factors such as amended office hours, dining patterns, community engagement, sleeping patterns & religious devotion.

To quantify this shift in social media consumption in Ramadan, here are some insights compiled from a multitude of resources, e-books & research articles.

I’ve segmented this data for 3 of the most used social media platforms: Youtube, Facebook & Instagram.

There are plenty of other miscellaneous statistics, but I prefer not to confuse you with too many of them so I’ve listed the most relevant ones.

Here are some stats for Youtube’s Ramadan social media consumption:

Facebook & Instagram: Ramadan content consumption & trends:

2) The 4 Steps to Unlock Ramadan :

3) Campaign Strategies for your Ramadan Social Media Marketing:

Once you’ve understood the change in media consumption during Ramadan, it’s time to gather some ideas for campaigns and devise overall strategies to guide your advertorial efforts.

As demonstrated in the stats earlier, online activity increases dramatically in this time period, resulting in ample pressure on brands to make the most of this month.

So, here are some Ramadan campaign ideas & strategies that you can implement for your brand:

4) Campaign Examples from Top Brands

In this section, I’ll share some of the best & most creative Ramadan ads by brands all over the world.

Look attentively because you might just find an inspiration for your next winning ad.

In case you need help with designing a creative Ramadan ad, remember that we’ve always got your back.

Based on the ads we’ve seen so far, here’s a list of all Ramadan elements that can be possibly used in your future ads.

By incorporating one or more of the above mentioned Ramadan elements, you’ll be able to better convey the message of this holy month.

To get more inspiration on Ramadan social media marketing, check out this power-packed article.

Don’t let all those facts & figures confuse you.

This guide was written as a one-stop resource for all your Ramadan research.

It has been compiled using data from over 20 sources to give you the best & actionable insights for social media marketing in Ramadan.

If you have the in-house capability to run social media campaigns for Ramadan, great!

Otherwise, you can always get in touch with us to plan & execute Ramadan special campaigns to make the most of this festive season. 

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