2019 Social Media Marketing Trends for Your Business

is booming as more entrepreneurs choose for addressing a vast gathering on several social media platforms. Here we give some remarkable trend to make the most from social media marketing.

2018 was a turning point year for both technology and the social media domain. On one hand, rising technologies like IoT and AI have developed to beef up their positions in the business firm world, and on the other hand, the social media network has embellishment to touch our lives more effectively. As we are in the year 2019, it is fair to assume that the latter will get on stronger than ever.

All leading social media channels have got numerous milestones in their journey from past to requirement in society. Today, the corporate world wants to leverage the benefits of the powerful social media platform through social media marketing techniques. And therefore, it will be engrossing to make a list of top social media marketing trends to watch in 2019 and on the far side.

Rise Of Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented reality(AR) silently shouts that ‘The Future is Here’ after the initial event hosted in Steve Jobs Theater, they will inform iPhone 8 and iPhone X. both devices integrated with a new chip that will allow the phones to provide users with important augmented reality (AR) experience.

Growth of and it’s not new that Snapchat has already started support filters that allow users to take a selfie with their Bitmoji character through augmented reality. Soon a user will be able to take a selfie with their wanted celebrity and famous personality. This intelligibly defines that brand name could soon be able to project their products into the chronology of social media users through special filters with AR.

Increasing Popularity Of Instagram Stories

It is no vague about the quickest raising social media platform. Instagram is a well-known social media, especially used by the age group of 18 to 35. Yes, it is pretty famous for young generations, and Instagram has over 700 million users in less 7 years. In the ever-changing world on the rapid-speed, images will never end to driving the social media engagement.

And, after introducing Instagram stories like Snapchat, it has again gained a lot of attention to almost influences and marketers to make it another source of income. 2018 calculation says that Instagram is going to catch up with many other social media sites in terms of popularity, and engagement with users nether 35.

Instagram has made stories a global trend for people regardless of their age and culture. Facebook, YouTube, and even LinkedIn have also risen up with Stories. It clearly tells that the trend of stories will gain in the coming years. As per an examination, over 400 million people overwhelming Stories on Instagram daily. This number will gain in 2019 onward.

As more period of time has started intense stories on various platforms, the marketers explore opportunities in giving Stories Ads. Stories have some veritable options that make them vastly popular among the people. A few of these aspects are:

Continuing Investment In Influence Marketing

Talking about influencer marketing above, it exhibits a lot of revelation and a trusty way of marketing. In the first stage of influencer marketing, there were many questions attending in this sector of marketing. But, in 2018, it showing and many large companies like Hubspot, Rolex evaluate that it is successful.

According to many great organizations and companies who consider in social media-Influences marketing strategies link up with new people and visitors, and also verified it as one of the most helpful for rising engagement with both returning and new visitors. Next year, it is probable that more brands will embrace influence marketing as a superb strategy and source to associate with audiences who tend to disregard traditional strategies.

We can assume that big enterprises will look for the assist of influential people to boost their online campaigns. But then, it is also achievable that SMEs and startups may choose for micro-influences because of high rates of popular influence’s. If the enterprise has budget restraint for social media marketing, they should prefer micro-influences and find the correct one for their audience.

However, it is needed to keep in mind that businessperson needs to find the micro-influences who is a practice in the domain related to their business. For example, a restaurant app businessman can take resource from a famous chef to promote the app on a social media platform.

Enlargement Of Live Streaming

The thing that was once just a lie or gimmick has now become the main focus of Social media. The live stream is up and improving the engagement and quality of a brand. Some of the brands that are small or medium-sized have even clashed a million impressions by live streaming and impelling content on Facebook.

Live and unfiltered video are changing the gimpy of social media wholly. A fastest growing social media sites Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have already established their own live streaming platforms. And, as they are acquiring an amazing consequence they all are already up to afford many new things to it. Facebook Live is becoming so popular that many new media company is using Facebook live to make up stories.

Facebook Spaces Goes Mainstream

Facebook is not just a social media elephantine with a super social ability like live streaming, Instagram assembled and big audience in the world, it is also been working on a program known as Facebook Spaces that is fashioned to allow friends on Facebook to connect with each other in a VR space. It also owns Oculus, a VR hardware, and , and it is no change that Facebook is developing an out of the box technology.

Facebook is more likely to launch its Facebook Space project in 2018. If it is going to hap, it will be the first VR social media product at the scale of measurement that will be the big Social media game changers of 2018.

Personalization Will Be Touchstone

Personalization or personalized user experience can build and hold a relationship with customers. Personalized marketing, you can raise the suitableness of your customers. Customers can prefer for buying a suggested product if they are happy with the personalized notification from their favored shop.

The personalized content can also give useful and related information to the users and customers. Now, it is simple for entrepreneurs to gathering valuable data attendant to the customer’s activity thankful to emerging technologies like and ML.

On the basis of such data, companies can send more personalized and attractive content to the customers. Even social media posts and messages can be used to point the customers in a personalized way.

In the coming time, we will see the preponderance of personalization. How can we forget to mention Google and Facebook? They are master of furnish customized content after knowing all our likes and dislikes.

Video Content Will Gain Ground

If an image is worth a thousand words, the video is worth a million words! As the famous trends tool, videos are all set to increase in 2019 as well. Skilled believe that around 80% of what we ingest online will soon convert into video content.

Experts believe that around 80% of what we take or watch online will shortly convert into video content. We have now get into the age of live videos. That videos are already popular on YouTube. Soon, Facebook and Instagram will also follow suit. Instagram has brought Instagram Stories and this feature has become quite popular among Instagram users.

Live videos are more trustworthy and fascinating and they can gain the trustworthiness of any business. When the audience watches the live video of a product or brand, they find it very helpful and can take the purchase decision instantly.

However, the businesses should take care of relevancy and interactivity of the content while developing such videos. As the competition increase, no company can deny the trend of video content.

User-Generated Content Will Be In Focus

The user will always remain the center of attention for social media marketing in years to come. Now, when we say the user-generated content, it is generated either by the loyal customers or fans of businesses.

That content can be generated in the signifies of videos, photos, or even memes, and the companies can freely use that content to encourage their products.

The user-generated content is one of the most effectual ways to affect customers with your business as it is possible to provide a developed customer experience with the help of that user-generated content.

In the coming years, prestigious YouTubers will play an important role in distributive word-of-mouth marketing in the online world. In a way, the user-generated content can play the businesses to personalize their products.

Employee Support Will Become A Competitive Edge

Employee advocacy platforms boost staff’s social media certainty, providing an easy, time-saving and risk-free way to share company content on social media. Putt your staff at the midway of your online opening makes them feel valued and beef up the relationship with the company. It helps companies innovate their digital strategy easily and cost-effectively.

Simply you can ask your employees to share your posts on their social media profiles. If needed, email them the content that you want them to share. Put the social media button at the end of every post that will make easy sharing experience. This modifies you to have a broad-brimmed reach on social media due to more shares.

Social media hearing that addresses the goals of better customer service and online honor management.

Messenger apps and AI-based chat-bots will play an important role in launch real-time communication between customers and marketers.

Social media can play an important role in the sales funnel while dispersive awareness and engagement about the products.

There is no hyperbole in a province that the year 2019 and subsequent years will rotate around the customers who are active on different social media platforms. All these trends will help entrepreneurs find social media users and connect people with their business model by giving a personalized experience.

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