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20 Best New Websites, March 2021

This month’s collection of the best new websites launched or updated in the last four weeks features color, and more color, and then — just for good measure — a bit more color. Yellow is a hue of choice, but you’ll also find burnt orange, rich purples, and greens and blues in equal measure. What is missing is the tech-blue of years past, replaced with something altogether more Mediterranean. Enjoy!

Digital design agency How & How[3] keep things light and clean for their own website.


Caleño[4] makes non-alcoholic distilled spirits. Their relaunched website is bright and joyful, reflecting the character of the brand.

Staffan Sundstrom

Modyn[6] is a product design agency with a focus on mobility. The flexing of logo text and occasionally other elements adds a nice touch to an otherwise simple design.

Letters from Venus

Letters from Venus[7] celebrate people living abroad and the cultures that embrace them. An asymmetric grid creates light and space.

La Manna’s

La Manna’s[8] makes giant pizza slices and pizza cake slices. Their site has a larger-than-life feel with a nod to the 1970s.

Another non-alcohol drink, Peak[11], has chosen the healthy angle, with further emphasis on the social. The site is colorful but minimal.

The Hiring Chain

The Hiring Chain website[12] is part of a campaign encouraging businesses to offer employment to people with Down Syndrome. The centerpiece is a video, but the about information is clearly presented appealingly.

Crappy Explanation[14] is a fun microsite from design agency Zajno that links to various playlists in Spotify. As a promotional piece, it’s well done without being too flashy.

Platform Seven

Platform Seven[15] offers career mentoring for young people. The site is well structured with a strong narrative flow and a positive feel to the color scheme.

This time the drinks are alcoholic: Moth[16] does classic cocktails in a can. As holding pages go, this makes a statement with its black and white graphics and masking effects.

Nêô Sephiri

Nêô Sephiri[17] is a facial oil produced from melon seed grown in the Kalahari. A nice blend of simple illustration and atmospheric photography underlines the nature angle with this product.

Digital design studio Bold’s own site[18] has some pleasing transitions and scrolling animation, teamed with fresh colors.


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