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Marketing is one of the most important aspects of every business. It’s through marketing that a business can sell their products, generate revenues, pay creditors and expand their operations.

Some of the world’s best companies have mastered the art of marketing their products all across the globe. A good business idea or a sustainable product cannot do much without a feasible marketing strategy.

At the core of content marketing is the use of videos that not only capture the viewers’ attention but also promote a brand and convert leads into sales.

Below are some 11 actionable tips that will take your business to the next level as far as video marketing is a concern.

Connect with your audience emotionally to drive more engagement

Various studies surrounding human psychology shows that most people are attracted to videos compared to photos, posters, and banners. This means that leveraging video content (visual content) may prove more beneficial when trying to interact with potential leads.

To create that emotional link with your customers, always focus on short videos that directly target your potential leads. Use compassion, humor, and empathy while selling your pecks and always make the customer a priority.

An example is to create a video showcasing how your product can help the customer solve their everyday problems instead of one comparing your products with that of the competitors.

Make Video content people would like to watch

Before getting into a given niche in the business world, proper market research is necessary. This also applies when your end product or services are in the marketing phase.

People would always like watching content that they can relate with. When marketing your product in a certain region, for example, you would want your video to feature the local’s way of life, dialect, and lifestyle.

By studying the market, you get to know what your customers need and not necessarily what they want. Sometimes, the economy is so tight and the only focus is on the needs and not the wants.

By marketing your brand in line with the customers’ need, you tap into the power of urgency and necessity.

Know your audience and Value proposition

A value proposition is a primary thing that will give your audience the reason to buy from you and not your competitors.

Your video marketing strategy shouldn’t only incorporate an attractive value proposition but also one that is realistic, unique and competitive.

Before drafting a value proposition and presenting it in a video format, it’s advisable to first understand the ins and outs of your audience. This way you’ll have an upper hand creating something people would understand and relate with ease.

A winning value proposition should communicate the exact results your customers will get after purchasing your products/services.

Capture your audience’s interest then sustain it

One way of attracting your audience’s attention is to make videos that resonate with their everyday activities, goals, hopes, and dreams.

Try to solve their problems while introducing your brand in style. Instead of referring to your competitors when mentioning the products’ pecks, seek to dominate the market and they will perceive your brand as the only hope they have been waiting for.

After attracting a couple of customers, engage them and formulate a feasible customer retention strategy. After selling to a customer, sell them again and again. This can be done using email marketing, newsletters, gifts, bonuses, etc.

Know what you want to achieve with each video

Every video you create and share with your potential leads should be accompanied with certain goals. If your company is a startup trying to attract the market’s attention; your videos should incorporate some uniqueness and quality that’s not in the market already.

This alone will make the video go viral and afterward, the content will explode and your product will attract the necessary attention.

As your brand gains the mainstream attention, it’s time to focus on the unique provisions that will set your brand apart from the generic products flooding the market.

A strong story can make a huge impact

Not every move will work when shooting videos for your video marketing strategy. One, however, that never disappoints is basing your videos on a strong and emotionally-provoking story.

It doesn’t have to be some trickster narrative or an award-winning script but something that blends in the audience interest with the brand’s value propositions.

To come up with a strong story that will create that huge impact, analyze the market and source a story that will fill the market gap with a touch of class and elegance.

Use Pattern Interrupts – to increase watch-time

Pattern interrupts in the video marketing or filmmaking industry is a term used to describe that very moment when an on-screen element or tiny clips are introduced into the video.

These clips are often meant to break the viewer’s pattern or projection for what’s about to happen in the video they are watching. Pattern interruption not only rejuvenates the viewer’s attention but also increase the watch-time making your potential leads interested in what you’re trying to communicate out.

Using tricks such as speech and thought bubbles, image, and video pop-ups or even accent words/phrases will keep the people engaged and hence giving you enough time to sell your personal/product brand.

SEO Optimize your video (YouTube Keyword Planner Tool)

Search Engine Optimization isn’t a new term in the online marketing world where internet ranking tops the priority list. One of the best ways to optimize your videos to the targeted audience is to use the which is simply a keyword generating tool with suggestions of all the long-tail keywords and Meta tags.

There are several SEO tools and choosing the best one can be a daunting experience. Nowadays, YouTube is a huge market where consumers and potential customers are constantly browsing for content and entertainment.

This reason makes YouTube keyword planner a very important tool.

Build your audience over time

After making a breakthrough in the market, all you need to do is stick with your strategy and watch your brand or company grow. Instead of getting over ambitious and focusing on results and success, try to bring more value to your customers and the market at large.

This way, you’ll be building a larger audience while boosting revenue streams with time. To make sure that you’re going for new customers while retaining the recurring ones; device a well-curated digital marketing strategy that will take care of your existing customers and client base.

Must think about how you can repurpose video

Instead of exploiting only one platform such as YouTube for your video marketing needs; you can choose to diversify and repurpose your videos to reach other platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

You can also convert your video content into a blog post or audio podcasts. Sites such as Pinterest can also play a significant role once you learn how to successfully repurpose your videos to reach more audience and generate more leads and sales.

Use analytics and tools to optimize further (E.g. TubeBuddy )

Once you’ve implemented all the magic tips and ingenious tricks to your video marketing strategy, it’s time to check and see if they are really yielding results.

One way of doing this is by using the premium analytics tools that will not only track the video activities and engagement but also give you a chance to manage your content, edit and update.

For YouTube videos, is the unsung hero when it comes to adding a layer of functionality to your YouTube Channel. Other analytics tools are also available and choosing one depends on your unique needs, taste, and preferences.

When nothing short of spectacular will do, turn to the above and you’ll see positive results in your business. The modern marketing landscape has changed a great deal and nowadays, customers don’t care about your products until they know how much you care about them.

By prioritizing on their needs and satisfaction, you increase the odds of success. The number one goal of making all the videos and content marketing strategies is to amaze the customer, not to please or coax them.

This means there is no shortcut, but to put in the hard work.

About the Author:

Deepak Chauhan is a digital business strategist and CEO of based out of India, USA & UAE. The web business strategist, who has 12+ years of experience, has worked with many small businesses and startups across the globe to help them build successful websites/applications and launch them online with his strategic consulting. When not working, he enjoys traveling, writing, photography and satisfying his taste buds. Follow him on , , and .

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