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Hard to find as hounds teeth there are very few Local SEO Affiliate Programs to be found. This is often because SEO professionals use slide rule pricing from one client to the next, or are afraid of undercutting by their competition. We at dotLocal SEO and Website Design are confident enough in our Local Search Engine Optimization services that we can offer one price fits all pricing based on quality service and don’t fear price undercutting.

Search Engine Optimization and Website Design Firm dotLocal SEO who designed our blog here at Affiliate 3 Percent is now offering the best in class Website Design and Local SEO Affiliate Program.

What is a Local SEO Affiliate Program?

Local SEO or Local Search Engine Optimization is a service designed to improve rankings in Local Search Engine Rankings. These local search results leverage review sites and Google My Business among others to generate local listings that show up first when you search your home City or Town. Many businesses prefer to deal with local service providers and people dine out, stay in local hotels, and more and we pretty much all use online search to get someplace each year.

What Kind Of Products Does the SEO Affiliate Program Include?

Andy Anderson, the owner of Affiliate 3 Percent and dotLocal SEO says the program will cover all products offered by our Search Engine Optimization and Website Design Company. The products will range from Special reports for around $7 each to multi-page websites and local SEO projects ranging in the thousands of dollars.

We will have products ranging from Website Owner tutorials in content design and website traffic generation, Website Design Services, and of course Local SEO Services. More products will be added soon including Social Media Management services, Coaching, and eventually other SEO related products.

Each product pays a 10% commission to basic affiliates but any affiliate generating $10,000 in annual sales can get a boost to 15% commissions including digital services that pay residual commission. Local SEO Affiliate Program cookies are lifetime from the last link clicked and qualify you on all sales. Your customer is your customer for life.

Who Can Join the Local SEO Affiliate Program at dotLocal SEO?

Anyone who wishes to start a potentially high paying career in their own home business through affiliate marketing is allowed to join. The Greatest results will come from those affiliates with websites related to website design, business to business services, business administration, marketing advice, WordPress, Digital Marketing, and similar sites servicing Entrepreneurs and Purchasing Executives in the advertising and marketing end of business operations.

Tools like your own website, your social media following, and your e-mail marketing list can be huge assets for a local SEO affiliate program like the one from dotLocal SEO and Website Design of Yuma Arizona USA.

What Kind of Support is there for Local SEO Affiliates?

dotLocal SEO and Website Design offer a range of creatives and banners for each new promotion including limited-time offers. We run sales on products several times a year and have a current Grand opening special good until October 2nd, 2020 for 25% off initial service purchases. These services and product offers are often promoted through special offer codes and are time-sensitive to trigger a buy now, sense of urgency.

We also offer text creatives and will soon offer basic e-mail swipes to help e-mail marketers convey the service to their contacts. In addition to our house URLs pertaining to the base site link or special offer pages you have a tool at the top of the Affiliate Resources page to promote any page on the site from our Local SEO Frequently Asked Questions, Related Blog Post, and Individual products. Any page on the dotLocal site can be used in the Local SEO Affiliate Program.

dotLocal SEO Grand Opening Flyer.How do I promote the Local SEO Affiliate Program Offers?

With only a few exceptions like our strict Anti Spam Policy spelled out in our full Affiliate Agreement and a prohibited practice of Plagiarism, you are free to promote in any legal and ethical manner. We do not accept certain adult-themed sites, hate, Warez, or Criminal Activity programs but you can use your current website, newly designed sites, and lead capture pages to gain connections and develop relationships that lead to sales.

Some affiliates will use domain redirects to do online and offline promotions which is fine as long as you do not represent yourself in any manner that could be construed as you being a representative of dotLocal SEO, our company employees, or Executives. All affiliates are privately owned businesses contracted with dotLocal SEO and Website Design and are not employed by our company.

The use of Search Engine Marketing is allowed and we do not restrict related keywords but advise against the use of negative keyword advertising as it does look amateur and does not do the program or your reputation justice. Andy himself has been doing affiliate marketing since January 3rd, 2004 and understands how difficult excess restrictions can be on marketers so the dotLocal SEO and Website Design Local SEO Affiliate Program is limited only by basic ethics and legal requirements.

Summary of the Local SEO Affiliate Program by dotLocal SEO and Website Design of Yuma Arizona USA.

Affiliate marketers from all walks of life, all over the United States, and around the world are welcome to our local SEO Affiliate Program. Please be kind to other affiliates and see them as colleagues and not a competition as I am positive that as much as you may find each other in competition for the same keywords you will also find areas you are the lone affiliate covering.

Be reminded that not one Affiliate Program on the planet can guarantee any specific amount of success. The fact is your results will depend on your actions and longevity in this business. A new blog or website for example may take up to 2 years to be established enough to see serious results while an existing site dedicated to business services may earn $100,000 or more from our program in a year.

dotLocal SEO offers a great commission structure with 10% basic commissions that can be upped to 15% commissions based on our performance reward program. We offer a rand of products that will provide commissions from 70 cents an eBook to several hundred dollars per website design and Local Search Engine Optimization Package. Be sure to click here to join our Local SEO Affiliate Program Today!

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